Breaking up social media companies would be a joke and accomplish nothing. Instead, force them to compete by open-sourcing their technology.
Data such as labor force participation, GDP growth, capital spending, small business optimism, manufacturing jobs, energy production, and deregulation shows how bad Obama was for the economy.
The rallies are a weaponized three-pronged strategy designed to demoralize the Democrat candidates.
The Mueller Report has the NeverTrump rejects circling the wagons, pushing for another false narrative.
Leftards may not like the demographics and breakdown of software developers.
Most people remember, looking back in hindsight, the US has pretty much been a Libertarian society of Live and Let Live as we went about our daily lives earning a living and dreaming the American Dream.
Don't listen to the never-Trump crowd pushing the myth that nothing is happening with border construction.
In an instant, our meme assault took out their front-runner before he even had logo and yard sign designs. No mercy will be shown to the remaining.
The President wins so much that if he lost his car keys, they'd fall out of the sky and into his pocket.
I know we're supposed to not dare say anything about McCain because of his military service, but I don't care.