This is not to be taken as an insult, rather I'd like to afford you the chance to break out of the stereotype of being blamed for everything wrong in the country when someone wants an easy target.
I have a valid point, so bare with me, no matter how much you think you may disagree with me, I assure you, you'll agree in the end.
The President gets credit for getting these Marxists together to get some cuts, but it highlights how anti-free market the GOP has become.
Here's my basic secure web browsing setup that prevents tracking, manage passwords, and helps my overall browsing experience.
Even though we missed a gimme, the conservative march continues and the future is bright.
Not a bad few weeks for the administration.
HHS Secretary Tom Price behaved like a Democrat and President Trump stuck up for the taxpayer.
It seems the NFL can only exist by robbing the Americans they despise.
What do we see when we look at the party? What issues can the party unite behind?
Google was started and incubated by the government. Their technology is our technology. It belongs to the people.