Responses to Michelle Tandler's Questions About "Equal Pay" For Women and LGBTQ "Rights"

Posted by DC on Mon, 01/10/2022 - 06:52

Michelle Tandler, who's been pushing back against her leftist programming in real-time on Twitter, put out a few questions regarding some hotbed leftists myths, so I thought I would represent the side of reality.

The first question:


Obviously, no.  There's only two genders.  The concept of a male and female isn't too difficult to conceptualize.  If you make up pronouns, you confirm a lack of intelligence.  The first step to taking back your city, Michelle, is to not accept and entertain insanity that's designed to destabilize the pillars upholding civilization.  Boys.  Girls.  Men.  Women.  That's it.



No, because the question is based on a false premise.  Rights are given to us by God.  The question of what "rights" of LGBTXYXABFLJHODFOIF are not being protected from government is never answered.  Rights are not given to the people by government, they are protected from the government by the Constitution.

The gender-confused enjoy the same human rights as the rest of us, therefore, there are no "extra rights" to "support."



No.  "Equal pay" implies the government should mandate wages instead of the free market.  If a woman wants to be paid more, she can become more marketable to increase the demand for her skill.  To be "fair", this goes for boys too.

Nobody "deserves" a wage.  A wage is paid based on the demand for one's skill.  It's basic supply and demand.

More on the topic from Bill Burr:



These are very simple concepts that leftists want to believe are more complicated and complex because that's what they've been told by their Marxist professors.  They're not.

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