How can CNN lose 90% of its key demo and remain in business?

Posted by DC on Thu, 01/13/2022 - 06:47

The Daily Mail posted some unbelievable numbers on CNN's average viewership for key demos.  It's embarrassing for mid-size podcasts, never mind an iconic news organization:

Scandal-scarred CNN has seen its viewership nosedive by a staggering 90 percent both overall and in the critical demographic coveted by advertisers in the first week of the new year as compared to last year.

The once-proud leader in cable news averaged just 548,000 viewers during the week of January 3, a precipitous drop from the nearly 2.7 million viewers for the same week in 2021, according to the most recent ratings. 

Those numbers were supercharged by the the left-leaning network's coverage of the January 6 Capitol Riot, which resulted in CNN having its most-watched day since Ted Turner launched the news outlet in 1980.

However, on the one-year anniversary of the insurrection, viewers chose right-wing rival Fox as it topped ratings for coverage of the event.

CNN also saw an 86 percent decline in the much-desirable 25-to-54 demographic, with a paltry 113,000 tuned in last week, compared to the 822,000 CNN averaged a year ago.


How is it possible for a cable news organization to stay in business without any fear of the constraints of the free market?  How do they continue covering their operating costs without worry as they alienate normal Americans?  Speaking for literally every single small business owner in every conceivable industry, I can assure you if we lost 90% of our consumer base in a few months, never mind a year, it's liquidation time.

Forget making money, how does CNN sustain operations with an average audience of a small podcast?  They can't be raking in huge carriage fees like they did in the past.  I wonder what they are.

From Bill Gates, when he did his Justin Trudeau impression by handing over ~$319mm to media organizations?  That helps, but CNN only received ~$3.6mm.  That won't even cover Brian Stelter's lunches or Don Lemon's legal fees.

Obviously that money is pumped into that massive deep-state network listed in that article, to all those various intertwined organizations and foundations chaired by satanic freaks that move artwork and does who-knows-what else.  I'm sure there's no human trafficking and pedo crimes going on with some of those organizations.

Perhaps the CCP?  It would explain why CNN acts as if they're owned by the CCP.  It also explains why CNN hires so many "contributors" from the intelligence community, where they can likely sell intelligence under the guise of journalism.

I think it's a safe bet the CCP keeps the fake news industry afloat.  Who else would watch the degenerates parroting fake news at CNN?

Chris Cuomo's producer was busted as a pedo.  If only we had some sort of clue.

Jeffery Toobin?  Forget about Toobin, how about the participants on that call that are just fine with what he did and will still go to the mat for him.  I don't recall any sort of revolt when they brought him back.  At least Louis CK asked for permission.

Don Lemon's days may be numbered with the new management as his lawsuit moves forward.  His accuser turned down a few settlement deals, so I'd think he's not going to be employed by CNN in the long term.

Stelter? I'm sure he's totally on the up-and-up.  Same for Cooper.  Tapper's producer was busted, and I'm sure he had no idea.

Those are the guys in front of the camera; the two producers gave us a glimpse of what happens behind the camera.  From what we now know, you can throw a rock at a CNN company picnic and with certainty hit a pedophile or someone guilty of sexual assaults.

I guess we can't completely blame CNN.  They had bad role models.  After all, we had a certain presidential candidate who thought is was OK to just go up to girls and grab them in the privates.  He was caught on a recording, and it was very embarrassing.  Actually, here's the recording of that sicko:



To come full circle, it's a mystery how that building full of degenerates can keep the lights on.

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