Col Douglas Macgregor: NATO is Dead Man Walking

Posted by DC on Wed, 03/02/2022 - 23:03

Excellent short clip from one of the seemingly few smart guys on geopolitics, military, and foreign policy in general.  Here he summarizes why NATO's days are numbered.



From the video description (link to Rumble channel of more clips):

On 25FEB22 Col Macgregor speaks at the Research Fellow, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy panel titled:

A Year of Ups and Downs: President Biden’s Foreign Policy at the One-Year Mark.

Two great quotes from this clip:

"NATO is a deadman walking."

"It's over. We live in a Multi Polar world now."

As the war between Ukraine and Russia, it is more important than ever to listen to Col Macgregor perspective on military and foreign affairs.

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