Trump showed China some temporary mercy, but he's really buying extra time for American businesses leaving China who are running behind.
Apple's demand for Parler to censor users means battle-tested and decentralized Gab is about to be the king of alternative social media.
A must-read article from Rex at Quodverum about Obama and his administration's service and devotion to the mullahs Iran.
Scott Rasmussen's interview reveals how few Americans really support socialism, and how many who identify as socialist are actually conservative.
The fake news media is trying to push a narrative that President Trump committed treason in his ABC interview.
When I look at the G20 summit from the perspective of a business owner, here’s how I think Trump will own Xi.
Conservatives inherently have a higher IQ than liberals, so the objective is not to have a discussion or debate; it's to leave a thought bomb to explode later.
Gab is porting to the Mastodon social network platform, forking Brave into a "free speech" browser, and integrating crypto.
We're deep into 2019 and the Trump economy is still going strong.
China has behaved as an enemy to American businesses, enabled by past presidents. They don't deserve to do business with us and I believe President Trump will knock them back down to third-world status.