Benny Johnson: "Hearing some incredible inside info about what is really happening at CNN -- holy s*it!"

Posted by DC on Wed, 02/02/2022 - 16:17

Jeff Zucker resigned as head of CNN today.  Apparently, he committed the crime of having an undisclosed affair with a co-worker that everyone knew about while both were unmarried, consenting adults.  I'll go on a limb and say there's a lot more to this story, as it's related to the investigation into Chris Cuomo.

Benny Johnson posted this interesting tweet which makes perfect sense:


Benny Johnson


Folks, this is CNN.  What Zucker says he resigned for was about as much of a scandal as stealing pencils out of the supply closet.  Hell, half the staff probably committed violent rape in that supply closet.

It sounds like a lot of crimes are about to be unearthed in the fake news cesspools.  Every day we're hearing more big news about the elites who were supposed to be immune from all of this.  For example, we just learned this about Hugh Hefner's friends running "mini mansions" for raping, grooming, and sex trafficking teens.

Don't listen to the news headlines framing this like Zucker did something wrong by not disclosing a relationship.  That's just silly.  There's more to the story.

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