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Status Update

Submitted by DC on Mon, 06/06/2022 - 14:45

Thanks to all for the messages inquiring about my absence. I've been slammed with business stuff, tech projects, neglected obligations, and some family emergencies and haven't been able to peel away.  I'll be posting again shortly.

I need to touch on Durham (it seems to me Sussmann was a means to ladder up the conspiracy angle with the FBI), Oz and Trump's endorsements (remember, it's a battle against Mitch, not candidate quality), "Mules" election red-pilling, and the rest.  Solar has an article in the works as we speak.

In the mean time, keep checking our 24x7 news aggregator that updates every 5-10 minutes at

Let's Assume... (We Won, The DNC Is Gone)

Submitted by Solar on Wed, 05/11/2022 - 22:19

We, as a Nation would still be suffering under the hands of leftist GOP.  That's Right, the GOP is solely responsible for how far we, as a Nation have fallen.

It was their job to do as they promised, to protect our Constitution, enforce laws on immigration, and to keep communism from spreading, but they did none of that. Hindsight being 20/20, the party on the Right capitulated to the left. (go back a bit, think 50's 60's, even part of the early 70's mindset).

Since before the 70's the majority of jobs in the US came via the private sector, Civil Service was a safe choice for a steady paycheck, but unlike the private sector, you couldn't count on bonuses or raises for doing a good job, no, you were essentially guaranteed a life time position as long as you just showed up.

All that began to change in the 60's when JFK broached the subject of Affirmative Action (Executive Order 10925) (AA) and LBJ instituted it, by the early 70's AA was the new tool to further divide America.

I personally remember trying to start a career as a fireman, but when I went for testing I was...

Out of pocket for the next few days...

Submitted by DC on Sat, 05/07/2022 - 03:11

I'm butt-slammed like Pete Buttigieg on prom night over the next few days, so keep up to speed with the news on our conservative news aggregator MAGAGATOR, which updates every 5 minutes, 24x7.

If you want to see something interesting with the news that's compiled over the last few years, check out the archives HERE.  Some of the sources have come and gone, and some of the links and links to tweets may be gone, but it's interesting to look back at the hot news items of the day.  (Click "Last" at the bottom to go to the earliest page)

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