DuckDuckGo to Down-rank Sites Associated With "Russian Disinformation"

Posted by DC on Thu, 03/10/2022 - 10:31

Why people continue to use DuckDuckGo, I have no idea.  They use Microsoft's search index (Bing) and return results that are just as crappy as Google's.  They're now assuming the role of thought police like the others.

DDG CEO Gabriel Weinberg posted a tweet that, instead of remaining neutral like a normal person, he's standing with the Bidens, intelligence agencies and other deep-state clowns, along with Ukraine NAZIs (literally) to weigh down rankings of actual news, and to promote fake news side-by-side with Google, who just coincidentally, banned the "Ukraine on Fire" documentary, which exposes a lot of the propaganda Weinberg is attempting to project onto you.

When you use DDG, you're not smart enough to think and figure out what news you wish to consume, therefore Weinberg will make the decisions on your behalf enforce his politics onto you.


DDG Russia tweet

He's ratioed pretty hard in the responses, almost 100% against his decision.

Ironically, if you want to counter these idiots with a Russian product, and use a search engine that's WAY better than DDG, use Yandex.  They have a tracker, but you can just block it.

I use another search product, but I tried Yandex out a few years ago and the results were solid.  Don't worry if you feel weird about it, because if Yandex is good enough for Democrat Senator Mark Warner, who's also the chair of the most powerful committee in D.C., then it's certainly good enough for you.

(Side note, I'll probably time to do a 2022 article on tech alternatives for conservatives in the not too distant future.)

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