Why anti-Trump are in Major Freak-out Over His Return and Why They Can't Stop It

Posted by DC on Mon, 07/25/2022 - 16:06

There's some legitimate concerns by some fellow MAGA who are worried about the 2020 election coup happening again, but I'll explain why it won't.  There's also major freakouts by anti-Trump communists about Trump saying he'll do things when he's back, and why they take it seriously.

Trump will officially be back in office, and there's no two ways about it.  The mystery surrounding that fact has more to do with timing, with the assumption being 2024.

I'm in the Devolution camp (he's put forth way too much evidence for me to toss aside), therefore I think we're getting close, but ultimately, who knows?  The more the commies freak out and lose battle after battle, the closer we are.

Into his first term, Trump stormed the deep-state beaches with a plan involving some people in the military who's names we'll never know, along with a few others, and they did exactly what needed to be done.  There was indeed a plan, and they executed it, albeit perhaps not exactly how you and I anticipated.

Appreciate how much has been revealed and exposed.

Corruption and criminality in the FBI, DOJ, intelligence agencies, and media; stolen elections; the deep-state pharmaceutical industry; the pedophile-controlled government, Epstein, Maxwell; CCP infiltration; compromised judges and courts; shadow government; congressmen on intelligence committees colluding with the CCP and infiltrated by spies.

In the past, we've had ideas and seen evidence of these now-parts of history, which were former "conspiracy theories", but the cats are all out of their bags and the deep-state commies have been exposed like they never have before in history.

This is very, very bad for them.  Communists are always looking over their shoulder and in fear of a revolution that removes them from power.  They fear the people.  Always have.  Now add everything we know, including the ongoing revelations of the damage caused by the jabs, or that triple and quadruple jabbed account for 91% of deaths in 2022 and they won't be able to walk down the street.

They know their time is running out, and President Trump is to thank.  Imagine how terrified they are of his return.

This takes us to the first reason they're freaking out: President Trump has a spotless record when it comes to delivering on his promises.  His campaign promises aren't meant to placate his massive Woodstock-sized crowds.  They're action items that will be completed.

Standing up to China and bringing back jobs; building the wall; tax cuts; energy independence; these were campaign promises he kept.  With his record, they know he's not bluffing when he says, for example, he's eliminating 50,000 federal jobs.  With anyone else running for office, this would be dismissed as campaign hot air.

They know President Trump is cutting 50,000 jobs in agencies the deep state holds sacred.  The last time I checked, the EPA has ~15,000 jobs.  Department of Education, which Betsy DeVos wants to eliminate, has ~4,500 employees.  That's still well short of 50,000 if every employee was fired.

Let me translate what the deep state operatives in the various agencies hear: "my cushy job as a government employee, which I've depended on through multiple presidencies and helped do my part in obstructing President Trump, is about to go away once he's back in office."

Can you understand why the panic brewing within the federal government is intense and why they're so desperate?  These criminals see the president as a temporary occupant, but their jobs are never-ending.  D.C. is run by them, NOT the elected President!  Who in the hell does he think HE is?!

His campaign promises are amplified because of his record of delivery.  When he says he's going to hire back the troops fired over the vaccine with back-pay and an apology, do you think those now ex-military members think he's not serious, and this is all just campaign jibberish?  How about those responsible for removing them from the military?

Trump's second-coming plans aren't useful if the election is again rigged.  I've become more confident over the past year that another coup like 2020 not only won't happen again, but can't.

Trump is more popular than ever, and the size of his rallies continue to only be limited by venue capacity, fire codes, and land area for parking.  There's no competition in regards to popularity.  Just ask Mike Pence:

The narrative that President Trump's popularity has eroded is a RINO wet dream.  The opposite is true, and the enemy knows this.

This was also the case in 2020, yet the election was still stolen.  I continue to believe the inside circle of patriots let the election be stolen to allow the pillars of globalism crumble on their own, which is exactly what's been happening.  Ask the EU how things are going, or ask Ukraine.  Meanwhile, ask anti-globalist Russia how they're doing.

The deep-state infrastructure is being smashed, and from school boards to election integrity, we're making long-lasting changes from the local level on up, while picking off the rats in D.C. systematically. 

Point being, the unlimited funds of the enemy, which were already dwindling in 2020, are in such flux globally, and with the double-whammy of inflation, and with Putin pulling the rug out from under them, pulling off what they did in 2020 is just not feasible, and politicians in other countries have a full plate right now.

The deep-state globalist piggy banks are being smashed, and from school boards to election integrity, we're making long-lasting changes from the local level on up.

Various elections solidified for me that we're taking back our voting systems, like the truck driver Ed Durr, who beat the most powerful politician in New Jersey, or the Big Three in the Virginia gubernatorial race (where they gave up trying to steal), or the various local elections around the country.

2000 Mules was a game changer, red-pilling millions of people.  States are pushing steep election laws, where mail-in ballots are illegal, with signature verification and ID.  We also have a new SCOTUS ruling confirming the power held by the state legislators, and many more such goodies.

These changes will make it impossible to steal the next one, and after the MAGA-red congress takes office in 2023, the commies' free ride is over.  There's simply too many eyeballs of more red-pilled voters, less globalist influence and less funds, and state laws protecting against election theft.

In 2020, they had to pull out all the stops and shut down counting at 3am, and still barely squeaked by, thanks to the GOP (who actually stole the election).  Their advantages that gave them a chance are no more.

Because they can't thread that needle again, the terror of Trump's return is exponentially amplified.  All they can do is arrest people like Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon simply for being part of Trump's circle in hopes this will intimidate others.  It's clearly not.

Terror in D.C. because they can't stop Trump's return with another stolen election, and they can't stop what he's going to do when he's back.


Trump's return

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