Juicy Sentenced to 5 Months in County Lockup

Posted by DC on Fri, 03/11/2022 - 12:17

Juicy was sentenced yesterday to 150 months, and 30 months of probation.  Not too bad, actually.  How upset is he that his part in the lynching scam with Heels-Up and Cory "I'm not gay, see! I have a girlfriend" Booker ended up with them still free and him going to jail?

One observation that always cracks me up with clowns like the Juice, when he was having his meltdown, look for when he says "...and you must ALL know that..." and take note of how he stretches his cheeks on the word "that", and shows his teeth.

This is a technique that makes white libtards' hearts melt, like they just watched "Roots" for the first time and can't believe this poor innocent man is being persecuted for the crime of being black.  It's acting, but black grifters use this technique when on camera for years.  Little things like this set off my BS detector.

There's nothing I can really add to this, so I gathered a few creators I like that give informative and comedic cover.

Rekieta Law:



Salty Cracker:





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