Elon Musk Puts Out Tweet on THE "Big Tech" Kill-shot: Open-Source Their Algorithm

Posted by DC on Thu, 03/24/2022 - 22:28

Finally!  A prominent, credible tech person uncontrolled by the deep-state globalists brought up something I've been preaching about for a while, which is the death punch to the satanic Silicon Valley cabal: open source Google's search algorithm.  Musk's tweet was specific to Twitter, but the concept targets Google as well.


Elon Musk tweet


Me and Musk are on the same wavelength.  Except for him being born in a different part of the world, growing up to create the largest online payment system and eventually create re-usable rockets that launch into space and land vertically while seeding the lower Earth orbit with satellites that decoupled the internet from the deep-state controlled infrastructure on the ground, all while being the richest man the planet has ever seen, we're pretty much the same.

An argument I've been making for years (post from 2019) is you can't break up the Silicon Valley web companies (stop calling them "Big Tech").  I hit on that on this post from 2020:

Why does this matter in regards to how Google operates?  Because all of Google’s services and components are interconnected by something that actually learns, teaches itself, and makes decisions: artificial intelligence that’s so advanced, it’s basically science fiction, provide by United States intelligence agencies.

You can’t “break up” a company like Google.  Are you going to move servers to different locations?  They’re already spread out around the world.  Make them split up their offices?  Make them get different logos?  Make them file more paperwork?  YouTube is a separate company from Google.  How’s that working out?

Unless the DOJ open-sources Google’s artificial intelligence, they’ll never be stopped.

The solution is to open-source their black-box technology.  The tax payers paid for it via intelligence agencies and government-backed dollars, so we own it.  It's ours.

Google didn’t create their core technology; American taxpayers did.  Therefore, they don’t have a claim to it.  The American people own that technology and it should be open-sourced to allow others to compete.  We paid for it.

It’s almost impossible for a company to become a monopoly without government intervention.  If you’re in a particular industry where you’re competing for market share, and DARPA hands you secret technology that’s a hundred years beyond your competition, you’ll quickly pull away from the pack.

Some people think bringing down Google is about costing them a bunch of money; it isn’t.  Money to Google is like grass in your yard.  You can cut it forever but it will keep growing back, and there’s a bunch of it.  Google is about tracking people and controlling the world, which is why they need to be knocked down.  They can only do that with their AI and core tech.

Open-sourcing the tech provided by our intelligence agencies won’t kill Google.  They’ll be able to function and continue doing business, but they’d be forced to do the thing that would terrify them the most: compete with other search engines, video platforms, and other services they’ve been allowed to dominate for years.  Of any decent talent Google does have, how many closet conservatives would love to escape that freak show and work for a competitor, and still be able to work with hot technology?

Allowing public access of the core technology would create a new innovation boom, even beyond what the iPhone did for communications.  What type of applications could be created if they had the advantage of technology that can think and learn?  For now, only Google controls that technology for services they dominate.

With absolute certainty, this is the scariest thing the Silicon Valley web companies have EVER seen, and that's not an exaggeration, with the responses out of almost 1mm people overwhelmingly in support.  This is THE way to bring these platforms to their knees and force them to compete within the bounds of the free market.

There's no putting this genie back in the bottle.

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