WISCONSIN: Decertification is Happening

Posted by DC on Mon, 04/04/2022 - 03:25

Decertification is happening, and must happen; don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

At this point, the GOP in 37 counties, which is over HALF of the counties in Wisconsin, are calling for decertification of the 2020 election and for the resignation of Speaker RINO Robin Vos.

Speaker Vos, you don't represent the people of Wisconsin, and they want you gone.

There is indeed a groundswell for decertification, which would correct the stolen votes in Wisconsin, putting pressure on the criminals and making a statement for those daring to attempt a heist in the future.

Don't worry about the national election; just focus on Wisconsin, or the state of your residence.  Smaller battle victories to win the war.

In a previous post, I referenced the 12 counties pushing for decertification, and how 1/4 of the counties would be a big deal:

Again, these are BEFORE the revelations from Justice Gableman.  As details from the report (especially the victimization of the elderly) brought forth by a credible and respected official spreads throughout Wisconsin, how many more counties will jump on board over the next week?

Half of 72 is 36.  We already have 12, so another 25 puts us over the halfway mark.  Even another 6 counties puts us at 1/4 of the counties, which isn't exactly a small chunk.

Of those counties, how many pissed off Wisconsinites learned their parents were victimized?  How many learned about their friends and neighbors?  In small towns and counties in Wisconsin, report details will spread, and local representatives will not be able to hide.

We're now over half.  A majority of the state.  In Wisconsin's Congressional District 6, Republicans voted TO DECERTIFY and for RINO Vos to take a hike:

The GOP in Congressional District 6 in Wisconsin voted last night to decertify the 2020 Election results in the state and for Speaker Robin Vos to resign from his position or be removed.

What were the results?

The resolution for Vos to resign was passed by 93% of those present at the event.  Below is the resolution for Vos’s resignation.

In addition, the Congressional District 6 GOP voted to decertify the 2020 Election with 93% of those present voting for this resolution as well.  This is in line with the numerous counties in the state that have voted for the same.

RINOs and weak Republicans who know the election was stolen but wish it would just go away so the leftist media will stop making fun of them need to stop fighting us and fall in line.  We don't care about the media or RINOs.  Don't be on the wrong side of this.


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