The Mueller Report has the NeverTrump rejects circling the wagons, pushing for another false narrative.
Want to get the GOP's attention about the wall? Instead of donating to GOP candidates, donate to the wall.
The President gets credit for getting these Marxists together to get some cuts, but it highlights how anti-free market the GOP has become.
Every time I hear some RINO Congressman or Senator gaze into the camera with dead eyes and a Manchurian smirk and say "the American people want us to come together and get things done", I flip my lid. For the millionth time, we don't want things to get done; we want things to get UNDONE!
2016 is done. It's time to move on and work on taking the Republican Party back from the Marxists. I know it seems bleak, but we can do this from the ground up. The structure of the Republican Party makes this possible.
I'm looking forward to writing in Ted Cruz before I officially join the Constitution Party.
Carly Fiorina has plenty of RINO baggage. As conservatives, we don't have to accept her politics, but we do need to identify it and address it. We also should understand the strategy and benefits she brings.
Governor Deal ran as a conservative. Now he was re-elected and is letting his liberal flag fly, caving to Marxists on a regious freedom bill, and ready to maybe cave on a campus carry bill.