No, Congressman Greene, I will NEVER vote again until the election system is secured and conspirators convicted

Posted by DC on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 22:10

I've been voting since the 1990s, pretty much all Republicans from the top-on-down over my decades as a voting adult.  Trump was the first President for whom I was actually excited to vote, and all the rest were to hedge against the more Marxist Democrat.

I voted against Clinton in 1996, voted against Gore in 2000, voted against Kerry in 2004, against Hussein and for a chance of a President Palin in 2008, and against Hussein in 2012.  This doesn't include the midterms and special elections.  I'm a conservative first, but I've been a good little Republican voter for a long time.

I'm done voting against candidates.  The cat's out of the bag that there's no advantage to Republicans in office.  The quality of the candidates is one issue, but the CCP-controlled election system is another.

Our votes don't count.  Trump won all fifty states in a landslide, but it was stolen in front of our faces.  Why will I get pumped up to go stand in line for over an hour to cast a vote that won't count?  That's stupid.

I saw this post from Marjorie Taylor Greene:



For #1, voter fraud isn't the issue.  You can win an election with a lot of voter fraud.  People have been, and are being, arrested for voter fraud.  That's not the issue, and Greene, sadly, doesn't seem to understand that.

The issue is the machines and ballots are criminally unsecure.  Worse, there's absolutely no legal recourse, as our judicial system is overwhelmingly compromised.  Worse than that, we're in a situation where the criminals stealing the election are the ones who control law enforcement.  These are not issues we can just brush aside.

#2, correct, but we're not even there.  The state legislatures did not vote for changes to the election laws that would have even allowed mail-in voting.

#3, I love you Congressman, but you can kiss my ass.

She actually has the gall to say this:

Republicans have to get serious, here’s why:


In what universe are they going to "get serious"?  The bank robbers don't decide to turn themselves in, and the sheriffs who were involved don't investigate themselves.

Otherwise, Stacey Abrams & Dems will use their orgs to harvest ballots based on new rules.

This is not suppressing the vote. That’s purely Democrat deception.

Greene is showing incredible tone deafness.  Warnock and Ossoff were seated because of Republicans.  She actually posted this:

If 4% of Republicans stayed home, Stacey Abrams would be governor.

The REPUBLICAN Governor, who you're using in this example, is the one who was complicit in stealing the election, along with the REPUBLICAN Secretary of State, the REPUBLICAN Attorney General, and the REPUBLICAN state legislators, all of whom have laughed in our faces, called us conspiracy theorists and liars, tell us Trump lost, and we're supposed to stand in line and cast a vote for them?

Hell no.

She then has the audacity to finish with this:

Voices online that are telling you not to vote are doing the Democrats’ dirty work.

Stop listening to grifters telling you not to vote.

We must root out the fraud, but we also have to VOTE.

If we don’t vote, the Democrats win by default.

Respectfully Congressman, f*ck you for implying that I'm some brain-dead moron who is influenced by grifters.  I use my experience, logic, and common sense to make decisions, and telling the Republicans to f*ck off is what I call a "no-brainer".

Beyond that, f*ck off, Republicans.  Look around, we're already at the point we're supposed to fear.  No more slow-frog boiling for me, thanks.  I love the fight, and we're already on the other side, so let's get it on.

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