Amazing news about conservatives taking back the GOP via the Precinct Project

Posted by DC on Sat, 02/20/2021 - 06:15

Somehow I missed this story on The Epoch Times a few days ago about the Precinct Project, which I've written about a few years ago about how we take back the GOP.  It's a topic that's been viable with real-world success, yet never gained traction.

I've been resigned to the sobering fact that in reality, conservatives for the most part just like to complain about losing control of the Republican Party, and would rather re-post news (much of it fake) on social media because it's easy and they get the dopamine hits from likes and racking up followers.

They'd rather promote a third party instead of fixing the party we already have, albeit one that is broken, but fixable.  It's our party, not the RINOs', so when I read the article that covered the interview with Dan Schultz, the guy who promoted and put forth the strategy to take back the GOP, my overall optimism for the political future of the party jumped a few notches.

The movement aims to fill the many vacant positions of precinct committee officers. Those involved in the effort estimate that roughly 400,000 of these jobs exist nationwide, with half or more empty, although the precise number is hard to determine since the GOP doesn’t publish overall data.

These grassroots positions wield significant power and influence. Either directly or through electors and delegates, they elect state GOP leaders as well as a state’s delegation to the Republican National Committee (RNC), which then elects the national party leadership. They are also commonly drawn upon to fill election oversight positions, such as poll observers and ballot signature verification monitors. Some local party committees also endorse primary candidates and may organize get-out-the-vote efforts for a particular candidate.

The part that seized my attention was the traffic Schultz said he's been seeing on his website after being a guest on Bannon's show (video from the episode below):

The major breakthrough appears to have come on Feb. 6, when Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, hosted Schultz on his talk show. Interest then started to snowball, with several articles in small conservative outlets and further appearances on Bannon’s show, Schultz told The Epoch Times.

Interest in his website jumped to more than 80,000 visits in the past 10 days, from a couple of hundred per week, he said. His inbox was flooded with hundreds of emails from people seeking more information.

Better late than never, and the more people we get on board with this plan, the more conservative the GOP will be.  Remember, the GOP, who is currently chaired by a Romney, lives in fear of conservatives waking up and learning about how easy it is to take back the party.

A precinct committeeman is a brick in the foundation of the GOP.  It's made up of many, and it holds up the overall structure.  If the bricks are weak and soft, the entire structure is unstable and can't stand.

The RINOs are happy with such a structure because there's far fewer of them and they could never match our numbers, therefore they wield the power within the party when they're not outnumbered by actual conservatives.

A few Trump rallies' worth of people can transform the GOP literally overnight.  The simplicity of this is bewildering.  This final snippet smacked me in the face:

“Who are these people? Do they get elected? And why am I not electing them?” Schultz said.

Schultz believes that there hadn’t been enough of a crisis to jolt Republicans into active involvement. It appears the election of President Joe Biden and the numerous anomalies throwing into question the 2020 election’s integrity have finally prompted ordinary conservatives to realize they need to “do something.”

Now thanks to Bannon's megaphone, and five years of a Trump-lead great awakening marinating in the public consciousness, this otherwise boring topic of taking control of the GOP at the base finally has legs, and excitement is catching fire as people realize we do indeed have a real plan that we can execute.

In the Epoch Times article, read the section on Joe Chesney's experience after he listened to Bannon's show with Schultz.  Not only is this a real strategy, it's a proven strategy that's had success over the years.

Here's the must-watch video of Schultz' appearance on Bannon's show (starts at 4:45):



Here's Schultz' book for more information on the topic.


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