A "National Divorce" is a stupid idea

Posted by DC on Fri, 10/15/2021 - 17:25

The first time I heard about this idiotic concept was from clips of clown Sarah Silverman.  Essentially, Republicans take our states, and Democrats take theirs, and we live happily ever after.  Sadly, the idea is being entertained by America-First conservatives:

This is a stupid idea for several reasons.

First, the reality is we, conservatives, control the country.  There are no blue states; only Marxist-controlled blue cities within red states.  California, for example, is very conservative, but Marxists control key seats of government.  That's the case in every "blue" state.

Why would we give up control to a minority of Marxists?  Only soft doomer GOP types would concede to this.

Second, this obfuscates the real solution, which is our election system.  The only reason Marxism can survive is with the enemy controlling our elections.  Rip that control from their slimy clutches and our country heals overnight.

Finally, the obvious is leftists can't survive without us.  We produce the food, provide the innovation and ingenuity, protect the innocent and maintain law and order, keep the environment clean, protect and respect private property rights, and basically handle everything Marxists require in their lives so they can spend their time destroying it.

Without us, Marxists would die off in droves.  Hmmmm... actually, let me think more about this....


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