President Trump continues to terrorize the RINOs with public appearances

Posted by DC on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 22:45

At this point, if President Trump walked into a stranger's funeral, everyone would stand up and start chanting "USA!".  Time and time again, President Trump proves how much he is loved by the American people, and it can't be understated how much this devastates the RINOs.

Ask Mitt Romney what it's like for a RINO to co-mingle with the American people.  RINOs can't even walk down the street, while President Trump can show up to a sporting event impromptu and be showered with adoration.

The McGregor-Poirier fight at UFC 264 was huge and currently tracking to be one of the top PPV grossing UFC fights of all time, not including those watching at sports bars and other such gatherings.

To put another way, millions of people from all over the world, many of whom don't even follow politics, witnessed how popular President Trump is, without filter.



If you haven't noticed, as of late, the President has turned up the burner a few degrees and absolutely cooking the RINOs.  Conor McGregor's leg took less damage than the RINOs have over the past few week.

The illusion of popularity is critical for the enemy.  One piece of knowledge the Marxists pass down from generation to generation is people want to publicly be on the side of the majority.  It's why control of the media and Hollywood is so important.

When people think they hold "unpopular" views, they keep it private for fear of intimidation and being singled out.  Think of the Marxist organizations like ACORN, BLM, and AntiFa.

President Trump's display of popularity neutralizes this very important weapon of the enemy, leaving them naked for all to see.  It also emboldens other Trump supporters who realize more that they're not alone.

This is one reason why I support President Trump, pretty much unconditionally.  For example, I despise RINOs with a passion, and wish they'd all immediately spontaneously combust.  Yet, I support Elise Stefanik.  I do this because by me supporting this idiot RINO, I give President Trump more power to fight the enemy.

President Trump is indeed friends with Dana White, and is a fan of the UFC, but there was most certainly strategy in his attendance of UFC 264. It was him flexing his muscle to the establishment that they are in the overwhelming minority.

The timing was perfect.  The Marxists who think they're in control in the White House have announced they're sending minions door-to-door to invade our property and privacy, which is very unpopular with the majority of Americans.

Even better, Creepy is making a trip to Pennsylvania, apparently to influence the audit, which is hilarious.  Look for Trump supporters to line the streets to give Creepy and company a nice welcome.

The biggest looming crisis for the RINOs is the Arizona audit.  It's complete, and once it's known to the public, all bets are off for the enemy, as the other states are waiting to use it as the starting gun.

Guess where President Trump is holding his next rally?

President Trump will put immense pressure on Attorney General Brnovich to move forward with charges against the criminals who conspired to execute the election coup in Arizona, including Katie Hobbs.  Watch Governor Ducey run around like a chicken with his head cut off over the next week.

After the President's CPAC speech, where he set an approval record, GOP Chair RINO Ronna Romney has been exposed (she can only be overthrown from within the GOP itself), and RINO popularity has been revealed.  Trump has been invoking Ashli Babbitt's name, with the support of her parents, to drive a stake through the heart of the enemy's January 6 lie, protected by Mike Pence.

They killed an innocent woman, and there's no way around it.

All of this is happening because of President Trump's public appearances.  He's promoting MAGA candidates, calling out the losers, and it's been nothing short of devastating for the RINOs.

Remember, it wasn't Democrats who executed the election coup.  It was the RINOs.  Don't fall for the Fox News slight-of-hand that hangs everything on the Democrats.  It's the RINOs, so enjoy their long deserved demise.


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