Today was really bad for the enemy. Also, is Flynn the Kraken?

Posted by DC on Wed, 11/25/2020 - 19:03

I always love to start off conversations on this topic by letting everyone know how much I’m loving this election “chaos”.  From my perspective, the President is forcing to the forefront the realization that American citizens haven’t been electing their government leaders for decades.  This is critical to our republic, and a long time coming.

We’ve always known the elections are rigged, but certainly not to the extent to which we’re learning.  It’s not a few fat-ass mafia-type union thugs with baseball bats in Chicago intimidating and shaking down some local businesses.  It’s a global cyber-criminal and intelligence operation where American government officials colluded with foreign adversaries in an attempt to take control of the Oval Office.



The hearings today in Pennsylvania were devastating to those who’s freedom depends on a Trump-free administration.  Each day, more people are awakening to this reality, and the enemy’s time is running out.  Here is their current strategy to beat Donald Trump:

“PLEASE, for the love of God, PLEASE concede!!!!!”

Not gonna’ happen.  In classic “Art of War” fashion, we have no idea what’s happening.  What’s the Kraken?  What evidence are they hiding for the courts?  Who’s on the legal team?  What’s Rudy’s real hair color?  Why does it seem like the Trump team wants the conspirators to certify the fraudulent elections?  Where’s Powell getting her evidence?  Who’s Ezra Cohen-Watnik?  Did we seize servers in Germany?

If Sun Tzu were alive and watching this, he’d slap himself in the forehead and say “Ohhh, why I no think of that?”.

A lot of you nervous Nellies are the same people in the “but nothing’s happening” crowd.  For the past three and a half years, I’ve had to listen to cries of no arrests, Sessions, Wray, and Rosenstein are deep-state, and Democrats get to break the law while us normal-Americans get sent up the river.  This has been mindless idiocy pumped by Fox News and “conservative” social media, and now we see why.

Make no mistake, Republicans tried to steal this election.  From Paul Ryan and Governor Brian Kemp to Senators puss-face Ben Sasse and Thom Tillis, Donald Trump has wrecked their little worlds, so they want Trump gone more than anything.  What's really on the line for them are their seats.  With a real election, these clowns are toast and they know it.

What if the DOJ rolled up all the Spygate conspirators and coup-plotters a few years ago?  Would they have been emboldened enough to try and pull off an election coup, or would they have hunkered down for another four years, working the swamp to line up more deep-state RINOs for 2024 like Nikki Haley?

They were caught stealing the election in 2018.  They were caught in Spygate and trying to use Ukraine as grounds for removing the President.  They’ve been caught financing and colluding with AntiFa-BLM, and acting as employees of China.  Who knows what else they’ve been caught doing.

They were lured into a false sense of security, because “nothing happens” to the bad guys, while many of them kept their jobs; that is, until, after the election, when the President went on a purge-spree.  Along with the mountain of evidence over the past few years, we now have evidence from this massive election crime.

Today after the Pennsylvania hearing before the state legislature, the President pardoned Michael Flynn.  With Sidney Powell’s role, is Flynn the Kraken after all?  Are we about to see some major drops, which would force the legislatures to secure electors for Trump sooner than later?  The timing is very interesting to me.

How can you not be loving this?  I trust President Trump, so this hasn’t been stressful for me beyond listening to others stress out, but I’m giddy over the concept of fragile snowflakes being fed the narrative that the evil orange man is out of office, only to have it snatched back from them in glorious fashion.  If we thought 2016 meltdowns were glorious as they screamed at the heavens, in 2020, their heads will literally combust into fireworks.

Trump beat the Spygate coup and the Mueller investigation.  He beat Ukraine.  He beat COVID after testing positive, and beat their economic suppression with the biggest GDP bounce-back in history.  He trounced Biden in the election, and now he's about to beat an attempt to steal the election and, yet again, attempt to remove him from office.

The deep-state fails, yet again, and now Flynn is unleashed.  How soon until he's back in Trump's cabinet?





Deep state purge




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