Local and state Democrat (and some Republican) politicians are being arrested in droves

Posted by DC on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 15:48

There have been multiple attack fronts in the take-down of the deep-state cabal.  It’s happening at the top from the President with specific executive orders, the administration with the human trafficking and financial crimes investigations and prosecutions, globally with law enforcement working with our allies, and also from the local and state levels throughout the country.

Most people who follow current events focus on high profile stories.  The take-down of NXVIM, Jeffery Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell are examples of major criminal stories, yet the perpetual tidal-wave of local investigations and indictments seem to be flying under the radar.

Did you know Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is a target by federal prosecutors for corruption and bribery related to another investigation into ComEd, the biggest electric utility in Illinois?  The tentacles of this investigation reach far, even potentially touching ex-CEO Tom Ayers (Bill Ayers’ daddy who passed away a few years ago), or even Mueller clown Andrew Weissmann, who worked for Jenner & Block, a law firm smack-dab in the middle of the investigation.

Want more Illinois?  State House Representative Luis Arroyo was indicted for bribery.  State Senator Martin Sandoval was arrested and plead guilty.  Alderman Carrie Austin’s offices were raided as part of a corruption investigation.  Alderman Ed Burke was indicted on multiple charges including racketeering and extortion.  Alderman Willie Cochran was sentenced to a year in prison for wire fraud.

Here’s the kicker: those were in 2019 alone!  Rooting out corruption in Chicago is like shooting fish in a bathtub.



How about some in Ohio? Toledo councilmen Larry Sykes, Yvonne Harper, Tyrone Riley, Garrick Johnson, and local attorney Keith Mitchell were indicted on bribery charges.  Cincinnati Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard was arrested and is facing fifty years in prison.  Speaker of the House Larry Householder was arrested, among others in his circle of influence.  In Dayton, City Commissioner Joey Williams, House Representative Clayton Luckie, and bureaucrat RoShawn Winburn were arrested.  Even an ex-Mayor of Trotwood was indicted.

These arrests are happening all over the country.  In Baltimore, where the Feds raided City Hall last year, ex-Mayor Catherine Pugh, a former delegate, and Police Sergeant have been arrested.  Cheryl Glenn, a Democrat state delegate, convicted.  Maryland Senator Nathaniel Oaks was convicted.  Former Delegate Tawanna Gaines and her daughter plead guilty and sentenced.

Here’s a few in Pennsylvania: former state representative Movita Harrell, Philadelphia Councilwoman Kenyatta Johnson, Philadelphia Councilman Bobby Henon, ex-Congressman Ozzie Myers, and elections judge Domenick DeMuro.

It’s happening in Muncie, Indiana.  It’s happening in Tennessee, with the arrest of State Senator Katrina Robinson.  It’s happening in Dallas.  It’s happening in Louisiana, where Lori Bell, the ex-Mayor of Clinton was arrested.

I can do this all day.



The overwhelming majority of these criminals are Democrats tied to Hussein Obama, the Clintons, and the Democrat Party, and it’s a major reason why leftists have completely abandoned any illusion of sanity.  They no longer have the cover of a corrupt FBI and Attorney General.

Pay attention to these local arrests because the swamp isn't confined to D.C.  Some of these criminals flip and get light sentences, while others go in for many years.  Although arrests are happening in every nook-and-cranny of the country, they're certainly concentrated in deep-blue areas where Democrats have retained Stalin-esque rule.  They've controlled finances, votes, law enforcement, and have been the concrete foundation for the criminals at the top of the food chain.  No more.

For video reports, my favorite is Kip Simpson.  He goes beyond the surface and ties the indictments to other investigations and produces great information.  On Twitter, DawsonSField and Ben Tallmadge hit local stories, but also highlight the global investigations into corruption within financial institutions, and the incredible roll-up of Chinese spies and those collaborating with them.  Avery1776 is another excellent follow.

Thank goodness the President has appointed over two-hundred federal judges; they’re going to be busy.

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