AntiFa and BLM marching towards the suburbs are giving Americans a much needed wake-up call

Posted by DC on Tue, 06/30/2020 - 04:50

This has to happen.  For most of you, until the problem is literally at your doorstep, you’ll ignore it and just cry for President Trump to get involved.  I’m counting on the lawlessness of these domestic terrorists to force middle-America to finally pay attention to their local governments and who they put into office.

This is a good thing for the country because along with the newfound appreciation for the Second Amendment, it will force Americans in their complacent suburban bubbles to address the reality of the consequences of electing Marxists.  Consider this a “scared straight” program for citizens.  It’s fun and games until the degenerate mob wants to burn down your house and kill your dog, like the couple in St. Louis.



Stop crying for President Trump to make it stop.  He’s not a dictator, and your state and local politicians are encouraging and enabling this.  You elected these people, so you need to deal with it.

The Second Amendment is useless if you’ll go to prison for defending your life, liberty, or property.

If, God forbid, you end up in that terrible situation that requires the use of deadly force, will your Sheriff support you?  What about your District Attorney?  Are they elected, or are they appointed?  What’s his or her name?  What’s your Mayor’s name?  Do you even still have a police department?  Do you know the answers to these questions, or do you just scream for the federal government to make it all nice and safe again?  Who did you elect into office, either directly or indirectly by not voting?



Never before have you been forced to deal with this reality.  Domestic terrorists are marching on your property with the purpose of destroying it because you elected politicians who are not only allowing it, but openly supporting it.  Please, I beg of you, don’t move to one of our red states.  Remain in your mess that you created and fix it.

I’m a resident of a red state, and my time is split between two specific red states (one up north, and one down south).  The towns where I spend my time are rural and deep red.  We don’t have these problems because no AntiFa or BLM terrorists are insane enough to march into our areas with the intent of doing us harm.  Not only would our police respond if called, but if we were forced to use deadly force, our police, sheriff, and law enforcement from the local level on up would support us.

The criminalization of your will to live against the insistence of a violent attacker’s desire for you to die, and the criminalization of using deadly force to protect your private property, are Democrat-specific policies.

This is not Donald Trump’s fault.  He didn’t start the domestic terrorism, but your local politicians are enabling it.  What are YOU going to do about it?

With that said, the Trump administration actually is “doing something”.  They’re making a lot of arrested, and the Attorney General said they’re going after the financing and organization entities.

As for the people complaining that President Trump is losing support, or his re-election is in danger, don’t listen to them.  All of the polls saying Biden is winning is so laughable that I can’t believe grown Trump-supporting adults actually fall for it.  It’s not true, the President is gaining support from all over, and I think he’ll take between 47 and 50 states, INCLUDING California.

It won’t even be close.









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