Everyone should own and carry a gun

Posted by DC on Sat, 07/16/2016 - 02:36

This story is a few months old, but I just caught it listening to an old Boortz podcast.  A small business owner named Lance Toland told all his employees to get a weapons permit and he'd buy them a gun.  Not only that, he encouraged them to bring the guns into the office.  I love this:

Toland told Channel 2’s Craig Lucie he did it out of concern for his employees’ safety.

“I have a number of offices and most of my employees are women,” he says.

Toland has offices in Griffin, St. Simons Island and Atlanta where they insure aircrafts worldwide.

Agent Andrea Van Buren said the mandate is a great idea for other companies, if employees agree to several things.

“As long as they are willing to get the training, become an expert and if you pull it out, you have to be ready to use it,’ she said.

Toland says several high-profile business owners who have private planes he insures may follow his lead.

“A lot of my clients are high fiving when they hear this. They think it's the best things for a company to mandate gun ownership and be responsible,” he said.

Everyone should carry a gun.  Students, office workers, airline passengers, delivery drivers, cupcake artists -- I mean everyone.  Liberals aren't in favor of this, of course.  Their voter base would steadily decline as they were systematically removed from the gene pool one by one as they attempted to commit violent crimes on would-be victims.  Yes, it's liberals who commit the crimes in our society.  Our prisons aren't exactly overflowing with Mike Lee supporters.  Sure, we'll have a white-collar Tea Partier caught up in a targeted IRS attack once in a while, but anything violent can be chalked up to a liberal.  Once in prison, they graduate to a higher level of criminal and become Muslim.

Few things I love more than a story about a liberal who is robbed, or has their home invaded, then becomes a gun owner because now it seems like it just might be a wise thing to do.  That moment when you witness a liberal just finally get it.  They have to go slow because they'll get brain freeze, but once they brush away those thinking cobwebs and let a little bit of sunshine through, it's like watching your toddler learn how to ride a big boy bike.

One thing I find very odd are dads who are anti-gun.  Why would you not want to be the last line of defense for your family?  You can still call the cops, and that should be the first option, but you should be able to keep your family protected until the cops arrive.  These are typically the dads who can't change a flat tire and wears skinny jeans.  In the horror movies, they're the ones tied up with the wife and beat with the fireplace poker.

Gun ownership isn't just about defense.  That's just an added bonus.  Shooting is fun.  I haven't been in a while, but going to the range and squeezing off a few boxes is very therapeutic.  Becoming a better marksman can be addictive, like honing a golf swing.  Unlink a golf swing, however, it's a survival skill.  In an apocalypse situation while looking for food, no one will ever say "quick, hand me my 9-iron".  Like going to the gym, or driving range, you should block off an hour or so once a week to practice at the gun range.  It makes you a better person.

Why do liberals always think of murder when the topic of guns is brought up?  Is it part of their mental disorder?  Their public school Marxist programming?  I've owned guns for pretty much my entire adult life, and I never thought about killing anyone.  I've owned a car for a long time too, and I've never thought about running anyone over.  Us normal, civilized people have no desire to hurt others, and it never really crosses our mind.  I can't understand why that doesn't click with liberals.

So, go buy a gun.  If you're a business owner, make the world a better place and do what Lance Toland did for his employees.  I don't have a ton of employees like I used to, and I happen to know most of my employees have a gun, but I would make the offer if I had a bigger shop like Toland.  Buy some training classes and sessions at a gun range as well, and encourage them to go practice.

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