AntiFa is hilariously failing in the suburbs

Posted by DC on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 02:27

It all started when Mommy and Daddy walked a vicious AntiFa “leader” named Brian Bartels into the police station in Pittsburgh.  I have inside sources that tell me they also took away his X-Box.



AntiFa has done terrible things over the past week, where they can run free with protection and encouragement from law enforcement, but in the suburbs where most normal Americans live, they’re hitting a few road bumps.



In the suburbs and rural areas, we carry, and we care.  If someone invades our town, neighborhood, or home, the well-armed militia takes over.  They may have the numbers in a condensed urban city block packed full of unarmed business owners and citizens, but the numbers are overwhelmingly flipped outside city limits.



Spokane, Washington has a few Trump supporters keeping the children at bay:



It looks like residents in Bridgeport, Chicago aren't to keen on allowing AntiFa a safe space to operate (posted by a libtard who would be screaming for their help if attacked):



Citizens in Huntington Beach, California are a little tired of Hussein Obama's pet terrorist organization:



Don't ya' hate it when you're trying to change plates on your car and you get some nosy person who lives in the neighborhood?



Looking to terrorize Polk County in Florida?  Don't expect much support from law enforcement:



Note to AntiFa members - be sure to always carry medical supplies.  That way, if you get a scratch, you'll have a tourniquet available:



AntiFa needs to stay in their nice, urban safe spaces where using firearms for self defense is illegal, and are stocked full of women and innocent people to use for prey.  Those of us in rural and suburban areas laugh at the thought of these tards invading us and starting some civil war; it would be the world's fastest civil war in history because we'd be done with them in time for "Jeopardy!".


UPDATE (07/30) - Colorado City runs AntiFa out of town like good sheep:




AntiFa 10 points


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