I don't care about your mental health

Posted by DC on Wed, 08/21/2019 - 14:38

One of the stupidest arguments I’ve heard from some “conservatives” is we have to be concerned about the mental health of someone who may or may not acquire firearms.  They put forth the simpleton leftist-baked point of “are you OK with a mentally unstable person who’s likely a danger to others obtain a gun”?  This idiotic position exposes a faulty logic-processing mechanism that would otherwise prevent libtard propaganda from being injected directly into the feeling center of their little brains.

Of course I don’t want the mentally unstable to go on shooting sprees.  I also don’t want them to run people over with cars, stab people with knives, or bash someone with a hammer.

The government should be completely removed from the conversation of guns and self defense.  The Second Amendment protects our right to bear arms from the government, so why involve them at all?  The government comes into play when one citizen decides to infringe upon the life, liberty, or property of another, where the law and due process are upheld and justice is administered.

After a few shootings by some leftists, the President floated red flag laws which got the attention of us Trump supporters.  I’ve been saying there’s no way he’d consider such a thing, and I’ve seen this movie before where he floats some leftist policy, only to completely leave it in the dust or go the opposite way.  That’s exactly what happened.

Wayne LaPierre confirmed yesterday that the President is not interested in attacking the Second Amendment.  Consequently, as the President played rope-a-dope with Congress and the leftist media, some apparent pro-Trump MAGA “conservatives” showed their gun-grabbing hands.  The reality is red-flag laws are horrible for our country and are another crack in the foundation that protects our freedoms.

Yes, there’s mentally unstable people (coincidentally, all of them libtards) who’ve been doped up with prescribed medications and have been indoctrinated by government schools to hate society who suddenly decide they want to safely kill innocent people in bulk.

As crazy and mentally deranged as these people are, they’re just sane enough to understand that bullets hurt and don't want to be shot.  What do these psychos incubated by leftist policies do when they want to express themselves in a homicidal manner?  They search for areas controlled by leftists and their policies that provide safe-spaces for murderers.

These murderers run into trouble when the bullets aren’t restricted from flying in their direction, which takes us to the solution for stopping mass murders: allow for others to shoot back.  It’s hard to kill people when you’re dead.

If you push down those feelings and wipe away your tears, you can logically understand that the fewer mentally unstable people alive, the less shootings there will be.  When these murderers are removed from the gene pool, they can’t kill others and lives are saved.  Sure, the Democrat party loses a voter, but they use the death of the troubled, misunderstood youth as a vehicle to scare the GOP.

Thankfully, and thanks to President Trump, we have a little more resilience in recent years, but there’s still a segment of people on the right who cry about the mentally ill, as if I could give a crap.  Why am I obligated to care about the feelings of a mass murderer?  That makes no sense, and if you're worried, then hand in your conservative card.

I don’t care about the mental problems of others.  If someone has a mental problem, that’s their business.  If they attempt to infringe upon my life, liberty, or property, then I care, and thanks to the laws of my red state, I am allowed to solve that problem so I can go back to not caring.

There’s a checks-and-balances in nature, and in an environment where someone who thinks they can use physical and deadly force over another encounters a situation where their would-be victim’s will to live and means to effectively exercise self-defense prevents the attack, and results in the death of the attacker, then the world is a better place.  Again, the fewer bad people, the more good people.

When I see a video or hear a story about a law-abiding citizen terminate the life an attacker, it makes me happy, but I feel bad for the person who had to pull the trigger if they are traumatized.  I’m also upset about the cost of the bullet, since in all actuality it’s more valuable than the now-defunct criminal.

In a just world, the parents of these scum would find the would-be victim who terminated their offspring and apologize, clean their house in the event of a home invasion, and compensate them for a new box of ammo.  It’s the least they can do for raising a criminal.

I digress.

The best way to prevent mass shootings is to allow nature to take its course by decriminalizing your will to live over one’s will to take your life.  Guns allow a 90 year old grandmother to protect herself from some young, illegal MS-13 gang member dreamer hopped up on angel dust, or some young mother home alone tasked with protecting her kids from violent animal like a Michael Brown.

The more killers who are killed while trying to kill, violent crimes in Democrat-controlled cities will drop to zero.  This happens with more guns owned by citizens who exercise gun safety, take time to train and get in range time, and take seriously the responsibility that comes with gun ownership.

Every time an attacker or mass shooter dies, the world is a better place and the mental health of the lunatic is no longer an issue.


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