How to stop the Marxist infestation of the GOP

Posted by DC on Tue, 09/17/2019 - 15:15

Over the years I’ve been amazed by how many “fed up” Republicans have no idea how their party works.  I saw this come to the forefront when Republican voters were actually upset when then-GOP Chair RINO Reince Priebus went against the Tea Party movement.  They had no idea that the GOP Chair doesn't answer to the voters, but instead answers to elected officials in the Republican party.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had discussions, either online or in person, with someone wishing for a new third party, but when I ask them where their local Republican precinct is located they have no idea such a thing even exists.  They were mad enough to cry for a new party but had no idea about their current party.

Unfortunately this issue of mass ignorance in the GOP is nothing new, but what prompted me to bring this up now?  Over the weekend I caught a documentary on Prime released in 2016 by New Zealander Trevor Louden. The name of this documentary I somehow missed is "The Enemies Within"; it's about the communist takeover of the United States.  Louden exposes a number of members of Congress and their communist ties in-depth.

When losers like China spokesperson Justin Amash and Epstein-connected Mitt Romney pop up out of nowhere and go against President Trump and the American people, 100% of the time it's because they’re compromised and owned by communist organizations like those highlighted in Louden’s documentary.  These people have been supported by the Marxist-infested Republican party as they moved further and further left.

What can we do?  How can we stop this?  This question was constantly repeated by people who felt they were powerless against the increasingly Marxist GOP that opposed conservatives as the Tea Party movement began to grow, but the answer has always been the same: start locally by filling precinct committeemen slots with constitutional conservatives.

The GOP is not represented by registered voters; they are represented by precinct committeeman who elect party officers.  Incredibly, of the ~400,000 slots throughout the country, about half are vacant!  To put another way, about 200,000 Republican party precinct committeemen slots are just begging to be occupied by gun-grabbing Marxists instead of constitutional conservatives.

District, state, and county party officers are elected by precinct committeemen.  They elect members of the Republican National Committee, and elect delegates for the Republican Presidential Convention.  The more conservatives we get to occupy precinct committeemen seats, the more conservative the party will be at the base.  Those precinct committeemen sent to the convention vote on the agenda of the Republican Party.  The video below has a lot of good information.

If you are serious about doing “something”, look for your local Republican legislative district and learn the requirements and process to become a precinct committeemen.  If you don’t plan on becoming a precinct committeeman, your knowledge can help educate others, which is important.  The states have some variances, but it’s pretty similar all over, so at least learn about your state.

A well-known success story of taking over at the local level is in 7th District of Virginia when Marxist RINO Eric Cantor was flushed:

Few have been bigger players in the effort to shut out the Tea Party in Virginia, which up until now has allowed them to retain their power at the cost of wasting the opportunity to build a new governing majority, than Eric Cantor and his top political consultant Ray Allen.

AS CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie noted in his new book TAKEOVER, unlike the wise conservative leaders who built the Reagan coalition, men such as Nevada senator Paul Laxalt, Lyn Nofziger, Dick Allen, Ed Meese, Marty Anderson, Jeff Bell, Tom Ellis, and Judge William Clark, between 2010 and 2012 today’s establishment Republican leaders, like Eric Cantor and John Boehner, have done their best to alienate and marginalize the new conservative voting bloc of the Tea Party movement.

But as Viguerie details in TAKEOVER, limited government constitutional conservative voters don’t have to accept being shut out of the political process, they can simply run for Republican Party precinct committee and leadership positions, as Fred Gruber did in Virginia’s 7th District GOP Party Convention.

Electing limited government constitutional conservative Republican Party leaders is every bit as important as nominating and electing limited government constitutional conservative candidates for office.

How often have you heard this from Ronna Romney?  Why has she not been screaming from the rooftops for constitutional conservatives to fill these slots?  It's very simple: the GOP doesn't want her to.

Why have I never heard about this? you are probably wondering. And more important, why have you never heard about this before from your local Republican Party?

As Viguerie and Schultz say, that it is because virtually all Republican incumbents, including many who profess to be conservative, are terrified that you and other conservative Americans will figure this out and replace them, too, because they have not fought hard enough to preserve your liberties.

Like Eric Cantor, they are terrified a more principled conservative adversary might get the backing of a majority of precinct committeemen in their district and state and throw out the incumbents. Like the new, conservative grassroots Tea Partiers and 9.12-ers did in Utah in 2010, denying incumbent senator Robert Bennett the primary nomination by keeping him off the ballot and endorsing boat-rocking Senator Mike Lee at the Utah GOP state convention. In 2012 Indiana incumbent establishment Republican Richard Lugar was opposed by over half the Republican county chairs in the state, and likewise lost the primary.

President Trump has been giving some top-down pressure (we have purged a lot of RINOs at the top) but he’s not going to be in office forever.  We must constantly be cycling out the RINO trash from the bottom-up.  Marxists are like cockroaches; when you stomp one out, ten more take its place.  We have to make the party air-tight as possible to mitigate the infestation.

In conclusion, to address the "let's start a third party" crowd, think of this: is it more effective to organize and structure a new party, roll it out to all 50 states, and get people to join?  There are far too many alternate parties, so throwing another one on the heap makes no sense.  The Libertarian Party, for example, has been around for decades and it's only in 39 states.  Does it not make more sense to clean out the GOP party and get others involved, which is something you'd have to do anyway with a third party?

Why not focus on taking our party back and filling vacant precinct committeemen slots?  Again, approximately 200,000 open slots because too many Republicans don't know about it.  Get up to speed and spread the word to keep the Marxists where they belong -- teachers lounges and working at Starbucks.

Here's a 20 minute video to break you in on the strategy.


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