Democrat voters chose dementia over communism - likely no payout for Bernie

Posted by DC on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 16:31

Poor Bernie.  After Iowa, he thought he had the Democrats dead-to-rights in regards to negotiating his exit.  He thought he had more support than the field, and thought he was a danger to taking the nomination, giving him leverage for a nice fat, juicy payout.  Instead, it looks like he didn’t get much, if anything, because he held out too long.  He cost himself a lot of money.

Bernie is a communist academic.  These aren’t the smartest people in the world, and they have an over-inflated sense of worth within their bubble.  The reality of the state of Democrats in America is Bernie didn’t have enough support to win.

I knew after the Michigan primary that Bernie really screwed up.  I was certain he would have dropped before continuing his losing streak, but I think he fell into a few traps.

After his “win” in Iowa, he assumed he was the popular candidate and the Bernie Bros (which don’t exist) would wield some form of influence.  They didn’t, and now the perception of Bernie’s invincibility began to crumble after South Carolina and Super Tuesday.  Bernie’s entire leverage was dependent on his ability to put out the perception that he has massive crowds and was unstoppable.  The first few primaries proved that to be completely false.

The perfect time for him to have dropped out would have been after Iowa but before New Hampshire.  He should have taken whatever standing offer was on the table, but another thing about communists is they’re very greedy.  The cherry on top was the debate with Biden.  Creepy was able to muster up semi-lucid moments, and solidified the fact that if Bernie can’t handle Biden in a debate, how in the world could he handle Trump?

I’ve been wrong about several things regarding the Democrat primary.  For example, several years ago I said Bloomberg would be the nominee (for 2016).  When he finally made a move this cycle in 2020, I thought “holy crap, this could actually happen”, patting myself on the back for my incredible foresight.

On paper, Mini-Mike was a no-brainer.  He’s smart (engineering degree), has the business credentials, was a Mayor of NYC (which is like a governor in most states), and has enough money to buy anyone.  However, I didn't realize how short he really is; I knew he was short, but not THAT short.  Nobody that short can be elected for President, and Trump cut him off at the knees with his “Mini-Mike” tweets.  I also couldn’t anticipate how incapable he was at connecting with middle America, and how uninspiring he is.  The most capable Democrat was an absolute train wreck.

When making political analysis, sometimes things catch you by surprise, and that was certainly true with pint-size Bloomberg.  With Bernie, I honestly didn't anticipate how clueless he is.  Why he didn’t take a deal after Iowa, or certainly before Super Tuesday, is beyond me.  He really thought he has a movement, and the United States was clamoring for top-down government control.

Back to Mini-Mike, he killed the “it’s rigged” narrative.  If it were rigged, Bloomberg would be coasting to the convention right now.  “Billionaires are buying this election” resonates with the indoctrinated who don’t vote, but Bloomberg proved money can’t buy the election.  I’m not saying a few votes weren’t finagled, but we’re in a different time.

Bernie seems to be holding on for hope that he can squeeze out a few bucks by not releasing his delegates, which are clearly for sale.  That doesn’t matter either at the convention, so I have no idea what leverage he thinks he holds.

The fact he didn’t endorse Biden also tells me he didn’t get his payout.  That would have certainly been part of the deal.  Meanwhile, the GOAT continues to induce chaos in the Democrat party:



Who’s next to take over for Creepy?  I have no idea.  If it’s Hillary, it’s because the Feds are about to drop the hammer if they’re done using her as a deep-state honeypot and she needs cover.  I’m hearing the rumblings about nipple-studs Cuomo, but I don’t see it.  I seriously doubt Big Mike would get in.  Who else?  It would have to be someone with the money to pay for his campaign, because the foreign money is continuously cut off, and COVID-19 is more popular than Democrats.  John Kerry? Bill Gates?

If I had to make a random, wild pick, I’d say Mark Cuban.  Would the Democrats want a president that allegedly goes around grabbing p*y?  I mean, they already had one of those.  Who knows.

Back to Bernie, I look forward to the supposed carnage the Bernie Bros are going to create in Milwaukee.  It will probably be a few cars set on fire, and some spray paint may be involved, but it will be minimal and over quick, as the bros need to have mom's car back in the garage before she goes to work in the morning.

In other news, Stacey Abrams seems to now be open to running on a Biden ticket.


Stacey and Creepy



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