President Trump's latest events with sidekick O'Reilly are absolutely devastating to RINOs and Democrats leading up to 2022

Posted by DC on Sun, 12/19/2021 - 17:52

I've written in the past about how President Trump's rallies are absolute psychological warfare that devastates the Democrats and their fellow never-Trump loser RINOs (here's one, another, and another).  His rallies are an in-your-face brute show of force demonstrating not only the size of his support, but also the intensity for America-first.

I love seeing it, not only because it's real-time proof that we're the overwhelming majority, but because of the strategic affect it has on the enemy Marxist Democrat Party, or worse, RINOs.

Name one Democrat politician who can draw a quarter of the size of his rallies.  You can't, and no, certainly not Hussein.  RINOs?  You think Romney could pull this off?  Here's your answer to that one.

These rallies alone are the main reason President Trump has complete control over the GOP, and there's been a major shift between those with Trump and those against him.  Those against Trump continue to be cast aside like the human sewage they are, where their only hopes are influence with the CCP, like anti-Americans Cory Gardner or Liz Cheney.

There's a reason why President Trump's endorsement is essentially a direct ticket to a primary victory.  That candidate can tap into MAGA and receive an instant injection of support, even if their policies aren't aligned with us.  Why would the President endorse RINOs?

This is a point of contention by some who are a little soft on the President because they're too stupid to understand what's happening, and refuse to accept President Trump's genius.

They think Trump made bad hires during his first term, when in reality, President Trump dragged them from the shadows and forced them onto center-stage.  For example, if not for President Trump putting Fauci front-and-center of his own CCP virus mess (which we didn't even know he was responsible at the time), you would have never heard of him, and certainly not have known about his Wuhan funding, etc.

Why would President Trump endorse someone like, say, RINO Congressman Elise Stefanik?  Trump wanted to make a power move against lunatic Liz Cheney. One way to do that was for him to flex his control and bump her from her powerful position as Chair of the House Republican Conference.

President Trump endorsed Elise Stefanik for the position while publicly flogging Cheney.  Guess who's now Chair of the caucus.

Instead of focusing on the fact he endorsed a RINO and put her in a leadership position, why not understand we bumped an influential (she is a Cheney) anti-American, anti-Trump (yes, redundant) establishment turd from a powerful Republican seat?

All of this leads up to how President Trump is cleaning out the RINO filth from the Republican Party from the top-down, in tandem with the local movement from the ground-up MAGA takeover of precinct committeemen slots.

The RINOs are getting squeezed from above and below, and this is fueled by President Trump's massive rallies.  Why are these rallies even more devastating for the enemy?  We've seen much larger Trump rallies than these venues can hold, so why do these events with Bill O'Reilly (of vicious SOB fame for us older Atlantans) deliver a bigger punch?

President Trump's normal rallies are free, and it's first-come, first-in.  This tour with O'Reilly, however, require tickets to attend.  How much are the tickets?:

Tickets can be purchased via the Toyota Center website and are priced from $100-$300, according to the website.

Forget crowd size; name a single RINO or Democrat politician who can draw 10k+, 20k+ people paying over $100 per ticket.  You can't, and everyone remotely involved in politics, policy, campaigns, or whatever, knows this.

If you're Rumble or someone staked in their success, how do you feel about seeing these rallies?  Conversely, if you're on the business-end of a Trump-endorsed candidate for your primary race, how do you feel?

In my businesses career, I never paid much attention to those who didn't put skin in the game for a project or venture, unless they had something big to bring to the table.

When someone puts up or spends money, they're serious, and it's likely not a waste of your time to engage.  Everyone has the next best idea that's going to make a billion dollars, but ask them to put up a little bit of money and they balk.  It's how you weed out the talkers from the serious people from the start.

Same here.  Money talks.  Do you think these people attending these events will listen to President Trump when he endorses someone?  When he calls out a RINO, will they listen?  $100 to $300 says you bet your ass they will.

Another point to understand is when you get a bunch of people together like with these events, they're a representative sample.  Trump's oversampling of devoted Americans who will pay good money to listen to him talk, only capped by physical constraints of the venue or fire codes, speaks volumes and reverberates throughout local and state governments, and throughout D.C.

President Trump proved how popular he is when he dominated the 2020 election, likely winning all 50 states by large margins.  He was so popular he broke all the algorithms configured to manipulate votes.  If you think Trump lost, you're too stupid to breathe.

Trump's rallies and events are his way of showing he has the power, and as we get closer to the election, that burner underneath the Republican Party gets hotter by the day.  When President Trump returns, he'll not only have support that's beyond belief, but he'll be flanked by a MAGA-controlled House and Senate with the likes of Eric Greitens, J.D. Vance, Joe Kent, along with the America-First candidates already in place, like Marjorie Greene, Lauren Boebert, and others.

I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

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