News hits for February 2, 2021

Posted by DC on Tue, 02/02/2021 - 15:11

I may do this more often, as my free time is squeezed as of late, but it's always easy for me to upchuck opinion on current events.  This will keep me posting in between articles.


Who cares?  This is like a child in a village blowing a spitball at Vladimir Lenin as he passes through.  This legal action keeps Facebook alive and relevant.  Crowder is established, and anywhere he goes, his base would follow.  Why not move to Gab, or some platform less communist?

I don't understand people who bitch and complain about Facebook like they're the only game in town and continue to use them.


I'm not going to accuse anyone of anything without evidence, but this sure seems like a defensive position from Rove.  Why did he inject himself into this story?  My curiosity is now turned on what Rove may be hiding.


Obviously, but it seems the idiot Pelosi left the door open for us to ram election evidence up their asses in front of the world.  I hit on this yesterday.


I appreciate the idea, but this thing has jumped the shark.  If most people know about it, it's DOA.  Like I said about $GSA, this thing is too rigged, and won't make a dent on Wall Street.

The people who control Wall Street stole an election from 100mm people, so their corruption being exposed about something most people don't understand is of no concern of theirs.  If anyone goes to jail, it would be the retail investors banding together to drive up the price.

People should care less about spinning their wheels and more on how to reclaim our election system.


It's amazing how this guy seems to be everywhere, from elections to SpyGate.


As of now, we have no election system in our country.  There is a show of an election, but it's controlled by the CCP and foreign actors who collude with American traitors.

Any such election talk is put out by people who simply don't either understand, or don't acknowledge the level of election corruption we've just witnessed.


Trump won California, and their elections are unbelievably compromised by the CCP, so I can't blame the people for stories like this.  Forcing wage increases kills business, simple as that.


Leave it to CCP Mitch to go after arguably the most pro-American Trump supporter in Congress.  Greene is to D.C. as a stake is to Dracula.

I don't think women should be President, but I'd make an exception for Greene.


Palmeri’s observational awakening  runs contrary to the common assumptions of many inside the Washington beltway establishment to include the elitist punditry of the mainstream media.

“People don’t want to hear anything against Trump,” Palmeri said during an appearance on a hardcore Progressive cable news channel. “[T]he more he stays out of the media, the more that he becomes this martyr, this looming figure over the GOP.”

Trump won 50 states.  That's a fact.  The video is funny because they acknowledge Trump's popularity, but write it off that his supporters are just not very bright.  CCP-controlled media is a one-trick pony.


Harvard University’s Belfer Center – which counts participation from a host of current and former Joe Biden advisers – has repeatedly hosted conferences alongside the Chinese Communist Party, frequently publishing papers peddling CCP narratives, all while refusing to disclose its source of funding.

It's stories like this that give me confidence that our military has been kept out of Creepy's hands.


In Psaki's defense, she's not very bright.  This is also a tribute to McEnany, because she would take fake news questions cold, pull out her black binder, and slay the entire room.


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