I amended Bongino's list of action items on how to fight back against the leftist onslaught

Posted by DC on Wed, 06/24/2020 - 20:46

For about five minutes on today’s Dan Bongino Show, before he jumped right back into hard-hitting stories, like how bad the media is and nooses in NASCAR, Bongino laid out a list of several action items people can implement to fight against the Marxist takeover.

Sadly, very few people who rile themselves up to be pissed off at the media, attacks on the police, the coup-attempt on the president, and other attacks on our country by the Marxist cabal aren’t really serious about doing anything.  I’ll explain more below.

He left off the most important one that will preserve and restore our Republic: take back the GOP at the local level.

There’s no dispute with the items on Bongino’s list, which are:

First, “stop donating money to liberal colleges” if you’re an alum.  I don’t disagree, but I’m biased; I think the entire government school system should be abolished, and 90% of professors should be in GITMO.  Government creates an education shortage and radicalizes our youth to hate this country.

Second on his list, “spend your entertainment dollars wisely”.  I agree, but I think it goes without saying. 

Third, “save money” to withstand a boycott.  I think this is good advice as well, in the event your boss catches that MAGA hat in your desk drawer, or sees you in the crowd at a rally and decides to terminate your employment.  This is good advice in general.

Fourth, “vote”.  Thanks Dan.  In this point, Bongino hints towards the first item in my list.

Fifth, “email your representatives”.  I don’t believe this has any affect, unless there’s a surge for a particular pending legislation or action and the staffers see volume.  If you email your representative, you’ll likely receive a nice automated template response letter.  Your representative put in office by the globalist Marxist cabal is busy banging underage prostitutes and doing drugs.  Your anger is the last on the list of things he cares about.

Here are a few of my amendments to Bongino’s list:

First, and most important to taking our country back, find your local Republican precinct.  For whatever reason, most people have no idea that the GOP doesn’t answer to them.  They answer to officers elected within the Republican Party.

The GOP is not represented by registered voters; they are represented by precinct committeeman who elect party officers.  Incredibly, of the ~400,000 slots throughout the country, about half are vacant!  To put another way, about 200,000 Republican party precinct committeemen slots are just begging to be occupied by gun-grabbing Marxists instead of constitutional conservatives.

District, state, and county party officers are elected by precinct committeemen.  They elect members of the Republican National Committee, and elect delegates for the Republican Presidential Convention.  The more conservatives we get to occupy precinct committeemen seats, the more conservative the party will be at the base.  Those precinct committeemen sent to the convention vote on the agenda of the Republican Party.  The video below has a lot of good information.

If you are serious about doing “something”, look for your local Republican legislative district and learn the requirements and process to become a precinct committeemen.  If you don’t plan on becoming a precinct committeeman, your knowledge can help educate others, which is important.  The states have some variances, but it’s pretty similar all over, so at least learn about your state.

The committeeman slots are essentially the soul and DNA of the Republican Party.  Why does Bongino not talk about this on his show?  Why does Ronna Romney not bring this up?  Are you willing to engage with your local precinct?  If not, you’re not serious about taking the country back.

Next, don’t be friends with leftists.  Get them out of your life.  They’re enemies of the country, and if you’re friends with them, you don’t really, truly believe they’re the enemy.  Write them off and shame them.

Next, stop financing your radicalized leftist kids.  When little Johnny comes home from his Marxist indoctrination camp university wearing a Che Guevara shirt, don’t just squeeze his little cheeks and ask if he needs his laundry done.  Tell him he’s cut off and he’s an embarrassment to the family.  You also need to hear this hard truth: you were a bad parent if you raised leftists.  Why did you not teach them critical thinking and love of country?  Shame on you.

Next, to play off Bongino’s second item, don’t spend money with leftist organizations.  Here’s a list of organizations to avoid.  Believe me, I know it’s hard.  Years ago I’d stuff my face with Chick-Fil-A while watching the NFL, but those days are long gone.  Not being fuel for the Marxist takeover is more important to me than watching anti-American felons advance a ball into the end zone.

If you give the enemy your money, you’re not serious about taking the country back.

Next, beyond catching select clips, turn off cable news.  I know it's fun to cheer on Greg Gutfeld as he's clowning Juan Williams, or listen to Tucker talk about the benefits of suppressing technological innovation, but you're not getting informed.  Switch to independent media, as that's where news is found.  If you have to watch cable news, watch One America News.

Lastly, on the digital side, if you’re producing content online, make sure you have your own website that you control.  As the leftist social media companies kick you off, you need a centralized home-base.  Also explore other mediums.  I’ve previously highlighted the importance of a contingency plan.

Before the solution of how to slay this social media monster, I should first address the failed approach of many content creators in the wake of the mass purging.  As a seasoned business owner I can’t stress enough the importance of contingency with your business model; something I've seen neglected by too many creators.

I know a lot of creators are young and their platforms grew faster than they anticipated and didn’t envision this being a business, but now it’s important to be smart and strategic.  If you have a large following on Twitter and YouTube, don’t fall into the trap of looking down on services like Gab, BitChute, and others simply because they're smaller platforms.  Take advantage of as many of these growing platforms as you can, as it's better to grow slower with more stability than faster on a few platforms that will likely ban you.

Right now you feel like a superstar, but you’ll get desperate once some soy-secreting trannie with ear saucers sitting in a cubical in Palo Alto decides you’re just a little too Nazi for the world and flags your channel for the final time.  Don’t leave your livelihood in the hands of these deeply-envious freaks on a power trip who could never do what you do.  Maintain a presence on multiple platforms.

Is your audience larger than a prominent creator like Styxhexenhammer666?  He may or may not be your cup of tea but you likely know who he is, and he has a presence on Minds, Twitter, BitChute, Gab, YouTube, Steemit, D-Tube, dailymotion, and others I’m too lazy to find.  He’s smart and knows how to survive and grow in the digital space that’s hostile to free thinkers.

If these platforms are good enough for him, they’re good enough for you.  If YouTube bans him, or he gets bounced by Twitter, it will sting, but he’s still in the game.  He’ll retain his following, continue to promote sponsors and push merchandise, all possible because he’ll be able to continue distributing content.  He would also recover lost followers as the other platforms continue to grow.  Keeping a presence on multiple platforms is critical for conservative creators.

Final and most important point: you must have a website; this is your home base that nobody can ever take from you.  Even in a catastrophic scenario where you’re purged from all platforms, you’ll still have a platform to engage your users and publish content.  Styxhexenhammer666 has two sites.

This surge to join Parler is a joke and accomplishes nothing.  Instead of Twitter banning you, it will be Apple and Google.  You’ll be able to use Parler on your laptop or desktop, but you won’t have a smartphone app once they drop the hammer.  As for app developers, spend a lot of work building a solid web-based app (versus native) served from the site.  If your platform can function as a native app while bypassing Google and Apple app stores, you’re ahead of the game.

I have plenty more, but those are a few I wanted to append to Bongino's list.  Most importantly, these people will occupy Republican precinct committeemen slots if conservatives don't:



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