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Posted by DC on Wed, 06/17/2020 - 01:27

Before I start, most of you who are disparaged and feel hopeless don’t even know how your party works.  For a better understanding on how to purge Marxists from the GOP, read this.

On Dan Bongino's Tuesday’s show he made some points where he’s rightfully upset on the current state of things.  I wanted to give my two cents on this mood he’s amplifying, and about his announcement on his ownership stake in Parler.

Overall, I don’t share Bongino’s pessimistic perspective, but I understand how many people are upset that leftists seemingly get their way, and the clouds are once again gathering over the President and our liberties.

They see police officers treated like they’re the problem, see outright chaos and destruction by leftists but blamed on imaginary white supremacists, and most frustrating, local governments not willing to protect and support its citizens when they have no choice but to use deadly force.

Today the Supreme Court today stepped on more of our liberties regarding a business owner’s right to hire and fire whomever he wishes.  This liberty is why right-to-work states are superior to force unions states, and why we have more business friendly environments.  As a business owner, I’m not happy with the decision at all.

We all know the onslaught of leftist-driven current events that seem to be never ending and frustrating, but there’s a few points you need to keep in mind.

First, these problems are happening seemingly at once out of desperation.  The concept of a globalist, deep-state cabal is no longer conspiracy theory, and I for one am thrilled it’s finally a more accepted reality.  These tentacles are not surrounding us because they’re winning.  In fact, they’re losing like they’ve never have before.

Their global financing operations are being cutoff, hence why you see Act Blue front-and-center of every fundraising scheme.  They lost their grip on the intelligence agencies and DOJ, and they lost the military.  They can no longer rely on China, and they have a presidential candidate who is damaged in every conceivable way.

One thing that well-meaning conservatives seem to lose focus on is that we are truly the majority.  Much of the frustration of Bongino and our side is it seems we’re a 50-50 country, where we’re teetering on the edge of keeping our country, or falling into a national version of CHAZ.

This is not true.  Please don't let well meaning people like Bongino convince you otherwise.

We are overwhelmingly the majority, and the seemingly large size of the anti-American constituency is only amplified by the media.  China was supposed to be a major superpower because years of media manipulation told us so.  Hillary was supposed to beat Trump 97-3 because the media told us so.  Trump colluded with Russia because every news outlet and digital publication told us so.

None of this is true, so why are you still letting the media control your perspective on current events and the size of the silent majority?  What am I talking about?  Here’s some perspective:



Heading into election season, President Trump is more popular than Woodstock.  He’s so popular that there’s literally no venue on the planet that could hold one of his rallies in full.  Why do you feel like you’re losing when you’re, by far, in the overwhelming majority?

The Marxists have years of experience in professional agitation.  Community organizing is a long time art, and it certainly is effective if you don’t know any better.  They know how to push your buttons, create chaos, and really piss you off to where you are demoralized and surrender.

Don’t let them.

These riots over the past few weeks were a sideshow.  The fires that were started were at the hands of a few people in AntiFa.  The Feds have been rounding them up, and the violent offenders have been caught.  It’s still ongoing, but all of them will see justice.  They’re not getting away with their crime wave, even though the agitators make you think they’re home free simply because they made bail.



Seattle is a full time joke.  Remember Minneapolis?  It’s being rebuilt, and don’t think Minnesotans are hanging this on President Trump. I think he’ll take 47 states, including California.  Every week that passes, I’m more confident of that; you should be as well.

The Supreme Court threw us a curve ball in regards to dictating firing people, but I remember during Hussein’s first term when Roberts flipped on the ACA scam.  It felt like it was never going to end, and I was apoplectic on the concept alone of a mandatory fee.  Now the scam is all but dead, and the fee has been killed.

We will outlast these attacks as well.

Even when it seems we take a few steps back, we are gaining more moving ahead.  I love Bongino, but I think he hurts morale more than helps it.  He’s right on everything he says, and he needs to get animated when he’s slapping down clowns like Geraldo (why are you still watching Fox News, by the way?), but I’d love to see less gaslighting.

Again, why has he not been pushing for conservatives to flood their precincts?  Why do you not know about this, yet complain about the buffet of RINOs the GOP sticks us with come primary time?  You don’t know about your local precinct, but you know Bongino is investing in Parler.  Investing in Parler is great (more on that in a moment), but that doesn’t do anything for anyone.

He’s furious that the attacks on police are at a peak right now, as we all are, but that will come to an end.  Most Americans want a well trained police force, and this push, amplified by the media, will die down.  It can’t be sustained, and a new respect for police will come from this.  Even the most hardened communists in CHAZ are begging for police.



We have outlasted a lot. The Russia hoax fizzled out, and the Mueller report ended up with no collusion and no obstruction. Durham is rounding the corner, and the coup plotters will end up in prison. They will be convicted because of the tedious, methodical investigations that will be lead by Durham, who has a history of bringing forth appeal-proof convictions.

Trump has held firm and hasn’t strayed.  Imagine what it must be like for him, yet he seems to love the fight.  If I could have my way, I’d like to see more conservatives enjoy the fight instead of crying that nothings happening and the deep state is winning.  They’re not.  They’re on the run so it’s hail Mary after hail Mary with these people.

We got through the impeachment hoax.  We got through the bio-attack by China this year.  We’re now making it through the AntiFa-led riots, and we’ll make it through this attack on the police.  We’re going to continue to outlast the enemy all the way up to the election, and we’ll continue to defeat them.

Embrace the non-stop fight and work on cleaning out the GOP from the ground-up.  Be positive, because we’re in a fight and we’re winning.

A word about Parler, I’m not a fan.  I was a fan of Gab for a while, but they changed their UI yet again and I can’t seem to figure it out, so I don’t use them much anymore either.  They are, however, winning the market share of dejected Twitter users.

At any moment, Apple and Google can shut down the Parler app; they need the app to be viable.  People want the phone app functionality, and Parler must walk a straight line.  If Tim Cook didn’t get any from his man the night before and wakes up cranky, Parler could suffer the wrath.  I touched on this when Apple previously threatened to bounce them from iTunes.

Parler’s UI is horrible, and it’s the least inviting for discussion, and is certainly not a competitor to Twitter.  Why Bongino invested in that craphole of a project is beyond me, but maybe he knows something I don’t.  At this point, there’s no social media service I like.  I hear good things about Telegram, but haven’t tried it as of yet.

In conclusion, back to morale, embrace the fight.  Flynn, and Stone, will be cleared.  Coup-plot arrests will come, and convictions will pass.  A new SCOTUS appointment will be made.  More regulations lifted, border wall construction continues, Soros will finally go down, the economy will be red hot, and Trump will win in an unbelievable landslide.  We are winning while the enemy just destroys things like your neighbor's teenage son who wears all black and ear gauges.

Don’t argue with leftists.  They’re not sane, and that will only frustrate you.  Ignore them, because they're not relevant, and concentrate on restoring the GOP.


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