Data such as labor force participation, GDP growth, capital spending, small business optimism, manufacturing jobs, energy production, and deregulation shows how bad Obama was for the economy.
MAGAnomics continues to allow small business to grow and deal with good problems.
I saw Johnathan Hoenig on Cavuto's show on FBN melt down over the Carrier deal in Indiana. He called it crony capitalism and said it's the same thing Hussein Obama did with Solyndra. He has no idea what he's talking about.
Marxists love to push the wonders of minimum wage because they want to hurt business and ultimately hurt the United States. This is now a position of the Republican Party.
Academia is a breeding ground for anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism, so it's nice to see when an academic can help a small business. In this case, the academic actually has knowledge in biochemistry, and was willing to help a small brewery solve a costly problem. In the end, the economy benefited.