Cuba gives us a glimpse into the wonders and fruits of socialism.
Bernie Sanders isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he makes up for it with comedic idiocy. This is a topic that really exposes how clueless and subservient Marxists are.
Bernie, the pretend anti establishment candidate gave in to the establishment and will now go back to the congress where he has been serving for a quarter century. In other words back to the establishment. All he did was waste a lot of people’s money in order to live out his Che fantasy.
Just how pure are the Bernie Sandernistas, how committed are they to the cause? Do they really believe the crap they froth about? We’ll know when Hils takes her rightful place as queen of the democrats and it poses a problem.
Denmark. Home of the Dutch and poster child for Bernie Sanders' vision for America. For the better part of what seems like forever the grumpy socialist has been explaining how giving free everything will work. Denmark.
I'm sure by now dear reader that you have figured out the question is indeed a trick. A hoax if you will. An illusion, a ploy. A wee bit of chicanery. Because (wait for it) There is no difference. Their policies may be different however the candidates and their acolytes are identical.
The purpose of Bernie Sanders in this campaign isn't to run for President. It's to provide muse for us conservatives and use him as a teaching utility to show the idiocy behind Marxism. When he does an interview, he never dissapoints.
Academia is a breeding ground for anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism, so it's nice to see when an academic can help a small business. In this case, the academic actually has knowledge in biochemistry, and was willing to help a small brewery solve a costly problem. In the end, the economy benefited.