One thing you can say about Bernie -- the man loves him some money!
Hillary done got herself in a pickle thanks to hackers and ongoing investigations, but I don't see it swinging the election. Trump supporters and Hillary supporters won't budge, and too many people have voted.
How did the most unlikable candidate end up running circles around the GOP nominee? The trifecta of social media, traditional media, and crossover votes were the recipe to hand Donald over to the Democrats.
Donald snuck in a good zinger, but the conservative platform had no representation.
The great Scott Adams is a Trump supporter. The other day, Erick Erickson lobbed a tweet his way, and Adams responded with some points regarding Donald, so I figured I'd comment on them.
Right before the next debates, in a townhall format, Donald gets to tap dance around the narrative of being a tax dodger who sexually harasses women. Thanks again Trump supporters!
Hillary continues her march towards the White House, even though Alicia Machado gained weight, Bill Clinton bought a house for his brother Roger, and Hillary tries to pay less in taxes. Odd.