Wake me when Director Comey appoints a special prosecutor

Posted by DC on Thu, 11/03/2016 - 23:33

One of the bright spots of this campaign has been the exposure of the Clinton criminal empire, even if the information was illegally obtained by a hacker named Guccifer.  I, like many, have always wondered if the Clintons would ever be brought down.  The first election I was eligible to vote in was in 1996 against Bill Clinton when I voted for Bob Dole.  Even back then I remember being amazed at the stink Clinton had on him, and how my innocent young adult mind couldn't understand how someone like that became President in the first place.  It's been a few decades, and I'm still not convinced that he and Hillary will face any sort of justice.

My Trump supporter friends hate it when I pee on their roses.  They are doing cartwheels over the heat on Hillary, but I keep reminding them that there's been a lot of early votes already cast, and Clinton supporters are as stupid as Trump supporters; they don't care about any of this.  If Trump got busted with the same stuff, they'd completely ignore it, because "but Hillary's worse!!!...".  In their election wet dream, Hillary gets indicted in the next few days and the election is thrown to Trump.  I think a more realistic scenario is she wins, but is subsequently brought down, leaving us with President Kaine.  Of course, I could be wrong.

The real shoe to drop will be if Director Comey appoints a special prosecutor.  Hussein Obama is entangled in this thing now apparently, and the DoJ is actively opposed to the FBI moving forward.  There's just too much conflict to go around.  One thing I found interesting when talking with my Trump supporter friends is they didn't know the FBI was under the executive branch.  Now I wonder if they even know what that means, but they didn't know that technically, Hussein Obama could just fire Director Comey since Obama is his boss.  For Director Comey to actually move forward, it's possible he'd have to go after his boss, which would be hilarious to see the Chicago Marxist movement get pwnd by someone they appointed.

One scenario I don't think is likely is where Hussein Obama pardons Hillary.  As I understand it, some of these investigations are RICO, which can't be pardoned by the President.

Either way, I'm at peace with who wins.  I'm not one of these conservatives who runs around in fear of Hillary.  Hillary will still have to deal with a House and Senate, and possibly a 7-justice Supreme Court.  She would be tied up with investigations, gridlock, and I'd see it as a push for the next 4 years while conservatives make some more inroads into the GOP.  Meanwhile, we're positioned for another Tea Party wave in the 2018 mid-terms.  Instead of us having it now, maybe we pause and hang tight for another 4 years and heal a little bit.  All this is predicated, of course, that we hold the GOP's feet to the fire like we did with Rubio and the Gang of Eight.

Conversely, if Trump somehow won, I'd honestly clear all my pre-conceived notions of him and give him a chance.  I'd desperately want him to govern like a conservative, but I know that's not possible.  He'd realize the power he has as a President and that would be all she wrote.  In many ways, especially now with the FBI and exposed criminal activities, and GOP running around with pitchforks with 2018 a few short years away, I think Hillary would end up being more benign.

Hillary is in trouble, but until we have a special prosecutor, nobody is serious about going after her.  Maybe Huma might go down.  Maybe Weiner, which might have something to do with going to sex rehab so he has something to show the court.  Maybe even Podesta, which would be amazing.  Seeing Hillary go down is just too far fetched for me to believe, at least until someone is appointed that can go after her without conflict.

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