Donald is a fly in search of a web

Posted by DC on Sat, 10/08/2016 - 14:44

Another juicy bomb from Donald's past resurfaced yesterday, where he said he doesn't like to wait on girls and just grabs them in their nether regions.  Us conservatives that had a one-way ticket to the White House with Cruz (miss him yet?) are amazed at how vulnerable Donald is to the media.  Right now, in every corner of the media, you hear the audio of Donald saying how he aggressively just grabs girls in the p*.  However, video of Bill Clinton popped up a few days ago of him actually grabbing a girl in the p*.  Have you heard anything about it?

Conservatives expect the media to fight against us.  If Cruz was the nominee right now, you'd hear all about his 2-headed alien baby and how his daddy killed Kennedy, but it's not the same.  They'd go after Cruz, saying he's a religious zealot, but that wouldn't have a lot of punch with the country, especially when it's someone like Hillary throwing the punches, while he disassembles her in debates.  Media attacks on Cruz can be met with honesty, discussion, and debate, and tight, concentrated sound-bites packaged for cerebral infiltration.  Donald doesn't have that advantage and is at the mercy of the liberal media that he made Trump supporters believe he had power over.

To me, the telling thing from Trump's audio is how he seems to just fly blind.  He seems impervious to whom he can trust and connect with.  As a chauvinistic, hedonistic, greedy capitalist pig male, I have said stuff on the golf course that would make Donald drop his driver, run home covering his ears to hug Ivanka and apologize.  However, I would never say these things to people I don't know.  I would never say them with recording equipment around.  None of us would.  They are things you say to people you are close with who know you're just sounding off, like a baboon pounding his chest in an isolated safe place, like a golf course, where you're drinking, stuck with a group of guys for four hours while trying to pee in the bushes without the ranger catching you.  Things you say with other guys who say the same silly things and everyone knows it's just talk, and in fact, knows you all really behave like gentlemen most of the time.  We all have to go back to work with ladies around, and home with daughters, wives, girlfriends, nieces, and women that we care about who force us to behave, and who we would be horrified if they ever heard a recording of the crap we talk about in private.

It comes down to maturity.  Why did Donald, at his age at that time, not have the maturity to know when to keep it buttoned up?  Have you ever been on a conference call and been cognizant that the other party may be listening, so you don't tell vulgar jokes or say something about the other party?  You don't because you probably learned that early on in your career and heard someone get busted, or got busted yourself.  You must always know your surroundings, and if you aren't sure, then err on the side of being recorded.  Why did Donald not have that maturity at his age?  Why did he think he was above that?  The GOP picked a doozy of a candidate.

To the point of maturity, most guys were more aggressive with girls when they were younger.  Not necessarily walking up and grabbing them in their nether regions or hurting anyone, but gunning for a kiss, or grabbing a hand and pulling them to you, or just playful stuff that was physical flirting, but nowadays would be classified as sexual assault.  In our teens and 20s, we had testosterone pumping through our bodies that we could blame that on.  Donald, however, was newly married again and in his 60s.  Harassing women like that just isn't very cool, and behaving like a 17-year-old when you're in your 60s is just weird.

His lack of maturity really baffles me.  He's not aware of his surroundings and doesn't know who he can let his guard down with.  Those are just important skills that normal adults have.  This incident provides insight into his psychology and mental instability.

Beyond the maturity, the other issue seems to be his propensity to actually do these things.  This is another brick in the foundation of the argument that he sexually harasses women, like his friend in common with Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton.  You heard on the audio that marriage is meaningless to him.  At least lie and say you respect your marriage.  Great endorsement, evangelicals!  When people tell you you're full of crap and you don't really care about morals, this is what they're talking about.

This audio isn't the last one we'll hear about.  This incident shows how clueless he is, which means there's a Yucca Mountain of radioactive material waiting to be released.  The timing is obvious, but Donald's baggage provides cover for Hillary.  Wikileaks dumped some more emails yesterday.  Data that would normally destroy a candidate, but in this case, is in the open, yet nobody cares.  As dirt on Hillary is released, they just need to go to the Trump mountain of skeletons, toss one or two out, and just own the news cycle.

The GOP is having yet another "panic meeting", but it's still too late.  Early voting has already started in some states.  GOP, you are stuck with this guy.

For some closing perspective, let your brain soak on this: Hillary Clinton, who's job it was to handle Bill's assault victims, is running, with Bill as her wingman, and the GOP candidate is the one being hammered as the one who sexually harasses women.  Donald can not help but get caught in the media's web.

Great job again Trumpers!  You picked a 70 year old with the experience and maturity of a 19 year old.

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