Hillary won the second debate as well

Posted by DC on Mon, 10/10/2016 - 23:10

The consensus seems to be that Trump won last night.  That he was strong early on and hung in there down the stretch to pull off a split decision.  What really happened was in front of the world, conservatives had no representation pushing for free-market principals and liberty.  It's void in the schools, and void in our Presidential debates.  Hillary was able to push her Marxist agenda to the world, unchallenged.  Her opponent didn't have the knowledge or intellect to counter.

It's odd to see a grown adult who is supposed to be accomplished and successful unable to process an audience member's question and reply from a conservative perspective with some degree of articulation.  In fairness, how could he preach conservatism if he knows nothing about it?

So no, he didn't win.  Calling Bill a sexual predator is great, but that was decades ago.  That ship has sailed.  Everyone knows about the Clintons, and nobody cares, except for Trump supporters who are willing to excuse their candidate for the same things they think they hate the Clintons for.  Would I love to see the Clintons be brought to justice?  Of course, but we have bigger fish to fry.  The global debate stage was the place to present a conservative perspective to millions of young viewers, explaining why Hillary's Marxist platform is wrong and ours is right.

I can't wait for the next tape!

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