It's official: Pennsylvania green-lights Arizona-style forensic audit for multiple counties

Posted by DC on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 14:11

The brakes on the runaway audit train have now failed.  If you're on the tracks, you will be run over.

Now, when discussing ongoing audits, we are no longer talking about Maricopa County by itself with others moving in that direction.  We now talk about Arizona and Pennsylvania actively engaged in forensic audits.



Here's what I really love about the Pennsylvania audits: one is in a Philadelphia "blue" county, and the other two are Republican counties.  This moves us forward with the audit of all 50 states, further taking any optics of bias off the table.

A quick note: all of the state legislatures who've been moving forward and pushing for the audits that are now starting to bear fruit have all said that Giuliani's and Ellis' briefings and testimonies before their legislatures months ago were the spark.

Those of you on MAGA who've talked crap about Rudy and made fun of him should apologize, and instead thank him for having the foresight to break through this stubborn wall of state legislatures.

We now have two states executing a deep, intrusive anal-probe of an audit that will leave no crevice untickled.  Like Arizona, it will be a secure, transparent, and methodical process that has a built-in defense against claims of malfeasance or bias, or any Tom Foolery.



Arizona is wrapping up, and the state legislature has been briefed on the results.  Those results are going to jar loose any stubborn Republicans in the other states, accelerating this train even faster.

And of course, we have Georgia.  We have the missing chain of custody documents in Fulton County, then we learned the same is true in Cobb County.  Today we learned Cobb County elections officials hid and overwrote 7,705 votes from the tabulation.

With all of these issues, CCP rats Raffensperger and Kemp knew about them, yet certified anyway.  Raffensperger is now in the same boat as Katie Hobbs in Arizona where they knowingly certified an invalid election.

Think about this: Georgia was the worst in terms of election criminality, and these numbers of missing ballots, documents, etc., are massive.  Also, Dominion was the most embedded in the state, and yet, they only squeaked Creepy by with a 10k vote margin.

With certainty, Trump won Georgia about 95-5.

I'll leave you with some more good news from Garland Favorito, the attorney in Georgia who's been scoring victories for audits.  He's adding more evidence to the amended lawsuit that make it even stronger to a non-compromised Judge.



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