Big audit news in MI, AZ, and GA, and Lindell moves forward. It's a runaway train.

Posted by DC on Mon, 07/05/2021 - 20:24

A few big news items today.

Mike Lindell named the town for his cyber summit: Sioux Falls.  He booked all the hotel rooms in town to remove any excuse for the RINOs and leftists cyber professionals who would pretend they couldn't find a room.

They bit down hard on Lindell's hook about the packet captures, and Lindell yanked them into the boat while they flop around wanting to get back into the water where it's nice and safe.

He's putting his money where his mouth is.  Those who spent time taking shots at Lindell are now on the hook to show up and prove him wrong, or admit they indeed have the data.  Credibility is on the line.  If they don't show up, it will make them look hilariously lame.  People haven't caught onto that yet.

People still don't quite get the packet captures and why it's a big deal.

It's the exact equivalent of a wire tap on a phone line.  After our words are received by the other end, it's like those words never happened, beyond the memory of the two parties.  If we have a wire tap, however, we have the conversations recorded.

With network packets, those packets are only alive while they travel through the network.  After they reach the destination, it's like they never happened beyond some log files and metadata on devices along the way.

Packet captures are the internet version of a wire tap on a phone line.

If there was a murder (Trump won) of a guy shot 20 times in the head that everyone says was a suicide (stolen election), but you had voice recordings from wire taps before the murder as the mob boss is ordering the hit man to commit the murder (packet captures back and forth between Dominion voting machines and conspirators), and then after the killing the hit man calls the boss to tell him it's done and how he did it (packet captures after election day), would you think that's important information to have to prove it was a murder and not suicide?

That's what Lindell has.



Also remember, Lindell has voting machines in his possession.  I would bet the farm that he brings those to the event and lets everyone get their hands on it.  That would be the equivalent of bringing the murder weapon along with the wire taps.

Huge news shared between Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona.  When I heard this news, I started laughing out loud because it's just too much.

In those three states, an anonymous user logged into their election management system, remotely, as admin on election night.  Those users with those specific privileges can change the vote results.

I'll spell that one out for you.  You don't have anonymous users with admin privileges.  What this means is someone specifically set up a user login with those privileges.  The "anonymous" part means there was no employee or human assigned to that user account.

To put another way, it wasn't a "hack"; it was an inside job in each of those states.  The good part is a non-anonymous user account created those user accounts.  I can't wait to find out who that is.  Keep a lookout in the news for tech guys who all of a sudden have brake failures.

It gets better.

DePerno also says their investigation proves that in Maricopa County, there was a breach in the voter registration servers on election night.  Here's the good part: the Arizona Secretary of State and Maricopa County election officials knew about it the entire time, yet certified the election.




Finally, in Arizona, the state legislature knows the numbers from the audits.  They're buttoning up the results for public release, and the little birdies in the state senate are talking, and with the movement from the legislatures over the past few months, and statements, Arizona will be decertified.






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