Trump-certified states move forward with audits - will ultimately prove he won all 50

Posted by DC on Mon, 07/05/2021 - 08:44

Red states that certified Trump have begun to move forward with audits.  This is excellent news for several reasons and supports my insistence over the months that all 50 states will perform audits, and those results will prove Trump swept them all.

The first one starting this phase of the audits is not yet known to the public, and was teased by Seth Keshel:



I have three guesses, in this order (electoral votes are not important here): Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas.  I think Kentucky because it's a reformation against McConnell, and nobody believes that Beshear beat Bevins in 2018.  It was an overt display of criminal activity.

North Carolina possibly because the criminal activity has been seeping down from Virginia, and it needs to be snuffed out.  The trash has infiltrated Asheville (you can actually smell them downwind, they're disgusting)  Another election and they'll stamp the Hammer and Sickle on the state flag.

Texas, because it's an important state, and the legislature and Governor are feeling some heat for not moving fast enough on various issues.  The "green" energy power fiasco over the winter didn't help either, and in crap holes like Austin, and larger areas like Dallas, the Marxists have been making it home.  A forensic audit would clear them out like a deep bed bugs fumigation.

Regardless of the state, it's good news bigly for us because it puts the libtards on defense because it's no longer just states that were stolen for Creepy, but now states certified for Trump.  It also hurts the never-Trump RINOs because their little cabal will be exposed.

(I can't say states that Trump won, because he won them all, so I'm being accurate with the "certified" qualifier).

The libtards you see rejoicing over this will provide great comedy to us because they won't realize this is bad for them until later.  Clean elections flips this country back to 1950s middle America overnight, where communism is the enemy and family values are important.

The RINOs are going to have a serious meltdown over red state audits.  Watch their reactions and behaviors, like from Romney and Cheney.  Red state audits penetrates uniparty strongholds and will crack open the establishment.

Remember during Hussein's first term, when the Tea Party formed and picked up momentum after Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC?  Well, every day has been a Tea Party movement in all aspects of life, like government, business, and schools.

Red state audits are a result of people taking the country back, lead by President Trump.  This smokes the RINO rats out of their holes.  This makes election security better, and removes decades of hard work by the Marxists to advance and make gains in these states.

Here's another thought: Trump was certified in more states, so therefore we'll end up having more audits of Trump-certified states than Creepy-certified.  This will significantly increase the pressure on the RINOs in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania who are fighting for dear life to prevent audits.

The timing is perfect with the Arizona results looming, and with the President ramping up his rallies.  His rally in Sarasota was amazing and looked like Woodstock, except people wore clothes and were showered and had red hats.

No person in government at any level can draw like President Trump.  As I've said many times, his support from us gives him his superpowers.  He can swing elections, un-stick stuck RINOs, and can shine a global spotlight on any issue.

There is a myth, however, that Creepy doesn't draw crowds like Trump.  That's not true.  Creepy draws crowds of Trump supporters as well.  He even gets personal escorts.

The constant pressure has forced RINOs scurrying to figure out a plan as they realize their crimes are being exposed.  For example, in Georgia, the slimy rat Brad Raffensperger wants the state to take over Fulton County.  Apparently so does the CCP-controlled Governor.

These criminals need to stay as far away from anything election-related for the rest of their lives.  It seems they want to take it over to control it.  Georgians, me being one since 1990, aren't as stupid as they wish we were.

I know Georgia up and down.  It could very well be the most conservative state in the Union; I'll put it up against Texas (yeah, I said it!).  The election crimes were the worst in the country, yet they could only give Creepy a ~10k margin.

As sure as I'm typing this, Trump won Georgia 95-5.  The criminality is not just in Fulton County.  On Friday, we learned that Cobb County, the third largest county in Atlanta (Atlanta is a clump of metro counties, very small city) are missing over 168,000 chain of custody documents.

This news isn't breaking because the CCP clowns Kemp and Raffensperger just now realized something is wrong and they need to fix it.  They know a tsunami of reality is about to hit them, thanks to President Trump's pressure and pressure from the people, so they're in a scramble.

I need to get into the T-shirt game.  "Trump won....." then on the back, "All 50!".  Regardless, those revelations will occur long after Trump is back in office.  After one, and certainly two, Creepy's handlers will have no choice but to vacate.





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