It looks like Pence will suspend the ECA - that's game over for the enemy

Posted by DC on Tue, 01/05/2021 - 06:07

It never ceases to amaze me how a document written a few hundred years ago by some crusty old white men can still save our Republic and guard us against modern-day Marxists, even in 2021 from a group of foreign actors and American traitors who organized the most complicated cyber-coup in history.

I'd love to travel back in time and tell them about it to watch them laugh their asses off.

Last week, there was a conference call with hundreds of state legislators briefed on fraud data by members of the Trump team.  Everyone familiar with the call said they were absolutely livid; Peter Navarro said so as well:

"These legislators — they are hot. They are angry. They want action," Navarro said.

Today, Wisconsin is introducing a resolution to decertify and hand the state to Trump:



Georgia sent a letter to the Vice President to delay the count, as did Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona.  After Raffensperger's leaked call, you can put a fork in Georgia.  His damage control interview went even worse, ranking it up there with that Prince Andrew interview.  Arizona?  Along with slating Trump electors, they want arrests.

In all the "swing" states, we're covered by the state legislatures, which brings us to the Vice President suspending the Electoral Count Act, which is supported by Trump's legal team:



By Pence deferring, he brings the state legislatures into play, and cuts out McConnell and the Senate.  I don't pretend to know exactly how it will happen, but he'll defer to the state legislatures, ultimately closing the deal.  Who cares about RINO Romney, puss-face Ben Sasse, or Bilderberg Tom Cotton?  They're not relevant.

Speaking of Tom Cotton, I nailed that one:

I missed a few that are flying under the radar, but these are the out-of-the-closet anti-Trump Senators.  Yes, Tom Cotton is one of them, but he’s up in 2020, so look for him to be on the Trump train until after the election, but he very much dislikes Trump.

We win. They lose.  It's that simple.  Also, don't count out the Supreme Court just yet:





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