Raffensperger's leaked call with the President cements our victory in Georgia

Posted by DC on Mon, 01/04/2021 - 01:30

On Sunday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger leaked a phone call he had with the President regarding the blatant election fraud and pending litigation.  The phone call was about an hour, but the Washington Post snipped the call down to a few minutes in an attempt to make the President look bad.

Raheem Kassam at The National Pulse published an excellent breakdown of the call Sunday night.  Beyond the standard Lincoln Project, never-Trump circle-jerking, the attempt to hurt the President failed.  This was another nail in Raffensperger's coffin for several reasons.

It looks slimy for a government official, never mind a Secretary of State of a state like Georgia, to release a confidential call with the President.  That's just a very bad look, and in this case even worse because of the nature of the call (tweets from David Shafer, Chair of Georgia GOP, who's been solid for President Trump):



Leaking the call shows the world the type of nefarious cretin Raffensperger is, and now he's on the hook legally.  Another bad look for Raffensperger is the call was edited for nefarious purposes and showed he's desperate to protect the election fraud at all costs.

Raffensperger didn't realize that we're playing under new rules, where the days of the Republican cowering in fear and begging for the opportunity to submit and take a knee like a gentleman are over.  If you leak a call for the purpose of hurting the President, he'll release the entire call (or threaten to do so if you don't).

What's the effect?  This will absolutely enrage the Georgia citizens.  They will hear Raffensperger's care-free attitude to the largest election heist in history and unwillingness to take it seriously.  The anger will be amplified because everyone knows about most of the facts of the fraud, which means Raffensperger knows about it too, but doesn't care.

Not only will this infuriate the people, but it will also piss off the state legislators.  Any holdouts will not be pleased with the leak itself, or Raffensperger's attitude on the call.  Worse, he released the edited version to blatantly hurt the President.

Legislators on Raffensperger's side will have no choice but to move and aggressively take control of the electors because they've been left with no plausible deniability at this point.  It's all fun and games when the evidence is hidden and officials continue to lay down cover, but when everything is out in the open, it's every man for himself.

The legislators will hear on that phone call that Trump not only has all the information, but a lot more they don't know that's being released.  If I were a complicit legislator who reluctantly went along with this coup, was told not to worry because the President would concede immediately after the election, but now we're here in January with evidence pouring out daily, and with a President who refused to quit and has the momentum, and now literally the entire world has eyes on me, I would be livid.

Can't wait to see what Kemp does.  If he turns on his comrade, it will be Raffensperger versus the people of Georgia, the Governor, the Georgia legislature, the President, and the country.







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