Firearms training should be taught from first grade on up

Posted by DC on Mon, 05/25/2020 - 06:18

In my overly logical mind, I can’t compute why government schools aren’t mandated to teach firearms safety and training.  I know the reason, of course: Marxists run our schools, stripping children of their history, patriotism, and knowledge to be independent, but I think firearms training for children is a critical part to fundamentally restoring our country.

When you learn something at a very young age, it stays with you for life.  Learning to speak, tying shoes, riding a bike, and everything you learned becomes almost like an instinct.

When my grandmother with Alzheimer's was at the end, she was still able to tie her shoes, fold clothes, write, even though she had no idea who her children were.  She remembered everything she learned as a little girl.

This should be true as well for firearms.

Children who are taught to use firearms are just better children and grow up to be better adults.  You’ll have the exception to the rule, but they’re more responsible, tend to love their country more, understand our founding better, and certainly would vote for politicians who’d protect and defend the Constitution.

I think every person in the United States should be properly trained and carry.  I know that’s a huge ask, and I don’t do it myself, but I should.  I’m lazy and don’t get to the range enough, but that’s no excuse.  I blame government schools.

Government schools should be completely abolished.  They’re rotting our culture and injecting our kids with Marxist, anti-American propaganda.  Education should be handled in the home and locally, but as we work to turn around the current system we have, hopefully this will find its way back into our society.

One reason I think academia would never support this is many of the teachers would likely end up on the business end of a weapon during their extracurricular activities.  It’s also too American for their taste.  As we remove the communist infiltration from our schools, I believe it will become more feasible.

Firearms are a statement of independence and a peaceful society.  Leftists despise that with a passion, until they decide someday they want one; then it’s perfectly OK.

I don’t think we’d ever need the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from government.  As Hussein usurped the office and began tyrannically weaponizing government agencies against American citizens, nobody did anything about it.

There was a blatant Marxist takeover of our government and our large gun-owning population just sat there and let it happen.  I’m not saying we should have done something, but the point I’m making is “protecting ourselves from tyranny” isn’t a reason to own a firearm.

If some foreign power (aside from Hussein and his band of Marxists) invaded our country, then yes, it would be game on, but when that threat originates domestically, we just don’t have it in us.  Maybe that would change with a more patriotic youth who wouldn’t send such politicians to office, correcting the need for protecting against tyranny.

If kids grew up with firearms training, liberalism and the susceptibility to communism would cease to exist.  Crime would be lower, and most of our societal problems would evaporate.

Kids with firearms training learn a valuable skill and responsibility.  Instead of teaching them to practice orally satisfying a cucumber, or the attributes of multiple genders, let’s teach them to be better people who will grow up to make the country better.

I guess I’m a Richard Henry Lee kind of guy:

“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”





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