You’re not a Trump supporter or conservative if you’re defending Tulsi Gabbard

Posted by DC on Mon, 10/21/2019 - 12:15

The admiration and support for Tulsi Gabbard from Trump supporters is making me queezy.  This lady has pushed nothing short of a Marxist takeover of our country, even calling for the impeachment of President Trump for no reason, yet she’s hailed as “sensible”, "rational", and “honorable” by a large number Trump supporters.

If you support this lunatic, please give your MAGA hat to a real conservative and Trump supporter; you don’t deserve it.

Gabbard sells herself as an outsider and new blood in the Democrat party.  She has amazing new ideas, like giving everyone income who breathes, pushing for the literal destruction of our capitalist society with the man-made global warming hoax, salvaging the Iran Deal (Hillary’s, Obama’s, and Kerry’s baby, which Iran never signed), and allowing for babies to be murdered up to six months in the womb.

Yeah, she sounds real sensible and worthy or our respect.

Hillary called Gabbard a Russian agent.  Is she?  I’ll go ahead and apply the same judgment of her as she does to others, like calling for President Trump’s impeachment and pushing the lie that he did something wrong.

Gabbard said we needed further investigations on Brett Kavanaugh after the Democrats’ latest smear attempt.  After everything we went through with Kavanaugh, she still gives validity to the smear.  Trump supporters, this lady is your sensible person of honor?

Tulsi is a Russian agent until she proves otherwise; even when she does, I will ignore that proof and still say she is.  I’m using her own Kavanaugh rules against her.

Gabbard pretends to be against war.  She had a good grift going because for decades war was all the rage.  Taking the popular anti-war position was a boost for her, but now we have a Commander in Chief who actually wants to stop war.  Have you heard her praise President Trump for bringing our troops back?  No, you haven’t, because she’s a fraud.

Is Gabbard more anti-war than Ron Paul?  Even he supports the move by President Trump and indirectly explains why Tulsi, who sides with the establishment perspective, is wrong.



She called Trump a war monger for not attacking Iran over the Saudi attack, and she’s calling him a killer for the Kurds not getting killed.  Why does she not support us bringing troops back and not staying to fight fellow NATO ally Turkey?  Why not use economic power over military power?

Does this lady sound like an honest steward of an anti-war platform?

Gabbard is a Marxist mess, and you should learn about how radical she is before defending her.  Let our enemies fight among themselves.  We don’t need to defend one enemy simply because it’s Hillary Clinton who attacked them.  This Pavlovian desire by many conservatives to show they’re compassionate in the face of someone gleefully trying to destroy their way of life is tragic.

The GOP is far better off as a party with President Trump but still have a lot of weakness and desire to submit before the Marxist movement because we (not me, but many in the party) want to be liked by the people screaming at us and hitting us with cement milkshakes.

The people who want to fundamentally destroy our country are the enemy.  Shun these people and shed them from your life.

Gabbard is the enemy.  She’s the enemy of our country, traditions, and way of life.  Over the past decade, the enemy has made advances and held such extremely anti-American positions that many on the right have slowly become more accepting and softer on resistance.

For example, if you went back to 1980 and pointed to someone and said “that person wants to make it legal for a baby to be aborted at six months”, that person would react with intense disgust and view that person like we do Gosnell.  If we then said that same person thinks eating meat will cause extreme global warming and will cause mass extinction, the person we’re talking to wouldn’t even believe it because its so ridiculous.  Fast-forward thirty years and many in the GOP say "well, we just disagree".

We should not be accepting of people like Gabbard.  I know she was in the National Guard.  The DC sniper and the Ft. Hood shooter were also in the military.  It just proves how every aspect of our government and defense have been infiltrated by radicals who wish to bring us down.

Conservatives, get it together and never cozy up to these radicals.  They want to destroy us, and trying to engage them on an intellectual platform is like explaining to Dahmer why its not very nice to kill and eat people; take it from someone who's been knee-deep following politics for the past thirty years -- it doesn't work.  We shouldn't take the same approach to their insanity as they do to would-be killers encountering a gun-free zone sign on the way to a school.

Take time to look over her platform and appreciate how insane this lady is instead of knee-jerking to defend her because "we're the party of acceptance".  Never accept the enemy, period.


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