Tulsi Gabbard is a radical anti-American Marxist

Posted by DC on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 19:21

There’s a narrative percolating in the political media realm that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is the only sane, respectable, rational candidate in the Democrat primary race.  There's a few reasons for this perception.  One is she’s good looking, and it’s rare to find an attractive female leftist.  She’s easy on the eyes and doesn’t repulse the average person, like Hillary or Michelle Obama.  That's 90% of it.

Another is she doesn’t spend 99% of her time calling Trump a racist, or calling for his impeachment.  Juxtaposed against every other Democrat running for President, she gives the illusion of sanity, but Vladimir Lenin would look like Ron Paul next to these circus freaks.  Gabbard, however, is just as much of a Marxist lunatic as the others.

I don’t understand how someone who has been a medic in Iraq and has seen some of the most horrific scenes imaginable could support a policy that murders babies.  What kind of person is so vocally against war and the human casualties it brings, yet would not protect innocent babies from murder?  This isn’t a political position; you either protect life, or you don’t.  Jeffery Dahmer was a monster because of what he did, not because of the law.

She has made a non-partisan issue of protecting innocent babies political, and even voted with the Democrats against a bill that would ban abortion after the 20th week.  She supports stealing private property from the people to fund baby murder, and Planned Parenthood gives her a 100% rating.  People like Gabbard are sick and have no place in politics; it's that simple.

Beyond allowing for the killing of babies, her political positions are radical.  She is against the border wall, and even voted against Kate’s Law.  She voted for blanket amnestyShe supports giving illegal immigrants government health care, weakening our country's unity and dividing us by not enforcing English as a common language, supports anchor-babies, free college for illegals, and reduce border security.

She's in-line with the other Marxists on free college tuition, government-run health care, supports business-killing unionsminimum wage hikes, and every Marxist's favorite (for you and me, not themselves) raising taxes.  This lady is as Marxist as it gets.

Of course, the true litmus test of any Marxist is their push for the man-made global warming hoax, and does she ever deliver on this insanity; we're talking Alexandria Cortez-level dumb.  People that buy into this hoax are the same type of people who get suckered into cults.

You have the usual basket of other issues, such as taking on the Second Amendment, eliminate private prisons so they're under the government (because that always ends up well), and wants to eliminate cash bail, because you can always trust hardened criminals to show up to court.

But of all the positions she has shown the least competence on, it's foreign policy.  She doesn't seem to even understand what's happening with the GCC doing the dirty work, and even said that President Trump props up Al-Qaeda.  Even leftists laughed at that one.  She is also a devout supporter of Hussein's and Kerry's Iran Deal (the one Iran never signed).  It's not clear what country Gabbard's loyalties lie, but not the United States (signs point to Iran).

If you think this lady is a "rational centrist, common-sense" Democrat, then I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.  She takes the worse parts of Sanders, Warren, Cortez, and Obama and works them into her platform with a cute face.  Engels would tell her she needs to take it down a notch.


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