Wray and Barr continue to investigate and arrest Democrats - the latest from LA

Posted by DC on Thu, 12/03/2020 - 21:50

Even as Wray's FBI investigates and Barr's DOJ prosecutes Democrat criminals in droves, the GOP media continues to push the lie that Barr is "sitting on his ass".  While people on our side continue to fall for this fake news, Democrats continue to be sent up the river from massive corruption stings.

I wanted to highlight Los Angeles here in particular, especially after Mayor Garcetti essentially implemented martial law.  I wonder why he's so upset.  Maybe it's because Barr's DOJ just arrested a bunch of his friends?

A former senior aide to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been charged with conspiracy, bribery, fraud and lying to FBI agents in the ongoing federal probe into corruption at City Hall, according to court records made public Monday.

Raymond Chan, a deputy mayor who oversaw economic development for Garcetti in 2016 and 2017, is the latest figure to be accused of playing a part in a sprawling scheme allegedly run by ousted Councilman Jose Huizar. Prosecutors say both men were involved in shaking down developers who sought help pushing downtown real estate projects through the city’s approval process.

In a statement, U.S. Atty. Nick Hanna said Huizar, Chan and their network of associates “repeatedly violated the public trust by soliciting and accepting numerous cash bribes and other financial benefits, turning Huizar’s city council seat into a money-making criminal enterprise.”

Gosh, that can't be good.  Garcetti is one player removed from LA Councilman Jose Huizar, who was central in "the worst corruption scandal in almost a century".  Who is Jose Huizar?  Kip Simpson breaks it down (video from June):



But, that's it and all that Wray's FBI has been investigating, right?  Wrong.  Last summer, they raided LA Department of Water and Power, along with City Hall.  Pay to play, bribes, money laundering, extortion, Chinese companies, and all sorts of shenanigans, but I'm sure Garcetti is totally clean.

In August 2017, according to the indictment, Chan spoke with the aide to an unnamed City Council member about his client’s plan for redeveloping the Luxe City Center Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Chan asked the aide — referred to in court papers as “City Staffer D” — to contact Garcetti’s office about applying pressure on the planning commission to approve the project.

The unsealed indictment was superceding, so there's more fish in that barrel, along with the net of those who've already been caught.  It's such a cesspool that we have guilty pleas from cases unrelated to Huizar, but tied to the same players, like Mitchell Englander.

There's so much crime in Los Angeles government that I'm officially calling this a rabbit hole.  At this rate, the janitor at City Hall will end up copping a plea.

Anyway, I wonder if Garcetti is worried.



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