Wisconsin is another checkmate on the Biden team

Posted by DC on Tue, 12/01/2020 - 19:17

UPDATE 12/01 23:22 re: WI Supreme Court

After the hearings before the state legislatures in PA, AZ, and today in MI, and with the Wisconsin audit to give Trump the victory because of its state laws on mail-in ballots, the timing of what’s happening is very clear.

I could burn finger calories explaining the Wisconsin situation and why it’s a slam dunk for us, but watch this video by Steve Turley instead, as he does an excellent job making it clear.  To summarize the Wisconsin situation, over 200k+ illegal ballots have to be thrown out because of state law.

With the invalid ballots rejected, Wisconsin goes to Trump bigly.  This also supports my feeling that Biden wants to concede sooner than later because he has no way to win, and fake news can't carry you to victory.

The point Turley makes, and one with which I completely agree, is when Wisconsin calls it for Trump, it will essentially force the legislatures in the other states to appoint their Trump electors.

Remember, with a few exceptions, Republicans are timid little bitches.  With Wisconsin paving the way, it will remove pressure from the legislatures and allow them to safely assemble their electors.

This is why the hearings in front of the state legislatures was a great strategy.  The case has been made and evidence presented, and the real support from the people has been proven.  These state legislatures have been “warmed up” and prepped, so to speak.  Once Wisconsin announces Trump has the numbers, the legislatures in the other states are ready to pull the trigger.

Because of the hearings, none of the legislatures have any doubt of the level of voter fraud, and how the numbers can’t be trusted, however, some are still timid.  Wisconsin will be what pushes them to the other side and give them the confidence that Trump won.  They have cause to go “with the grain” of the people instead of against it.  Fear is a powerful thing.

As in Pennsylvania and Arizona, the hearings in Michigan have been a series of nuke drops.  While the Wisconsin “recount” and audits have been happening, the Trump team has been lining up the legislatures.  It's even more brilliant in hindsight.

On top of this, we still have the Supreme Court, and still have the criminal busts coming, as this was a giant sting.  It’s like the Road Runner cartoons, when an anvil would fall on the coyote, then a piano, and so on.  There’s a reason you’re seeing no momentum from the Biden team, and why Harris is still clinging to her Senate seat.

Hopefully, you're seeing why I'm enjoying this whole thing.

On a parting note, ignore the fake news on Barr's comments from today.  What he said is being misrepresented.  Don't fall for it.







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