Biden has no choice but to concede

Posted by DC on Mon, 11/30/2020 - 19:30

Looking at where we are now, with criminal voter fraud on a massive scale beyond what we could have ever imagined and is now a matter of fact, Biden has no choice but to concede.  Nobody believes he won, and certainly not with the numbers the propagandists claim.

The hearing today in Arizona is already delivering knockout punches, and the Biden team knows time is running out.

The Republicans are desperate for Trump to concede.  At every turn, people who rode the MAGA wave over the past few years are reverting back to their loser, no-fight roots, where the GOP takes a knee when the powers-that-be command it.  The pressure is too great for them, and they’re putting their hands over their ears, wishing for it to all be over so they can get back to being controlled by the CCP.



Thankfully, those GOP turncoats are a small minority.  I’m glad they’re outing themselves now so we don’t have to pretend that they’re on Team America for the next four to twelve years.  I went through this in 2017 with clowns like Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson, both of whom I followed over the years as a content consumer.

If Trump factually did get beat, I could perhaps understand the calls for concession, but he didn’t.  It wasn’t even close.  He beat Biden like a red-headed step-child in all fifty states, including California, and beat him badly.  Why would anyone concede when you were the dominate victor?

There’s three types of people who want Trump to concede: those with a financial or legal dependence on him not being in office, those who are devoutly anti-Trump, and those with the loser mentality who are manipulated to take a knee from pressure applied by social media and fake news propaganda.

The first two can overlap (and often do), while the last are typically people of low IQ who have no idea what’s happening.  What do they all have in common?  They all call themselves “Republicans”.

More people are awakening to the fact that this entire election is about Trump (and by extension, America) versus the Republican-CCP establishment.  Democrats literally play no part in this equation, beyond a few deep-state judges appointed by Hussein Obama who have been reduced to legal nuisances.

Republicans continue to push the lie that the Democrats tried to execute voter fraud, yet every day, more Republicans enter the killbox.  Some call it the Uniparty, and I can agree with that.

At every turn, Republicans are fighting against Trump and calling for his concession while actively fighting against him and trying to protect the fraud, like Governor Ducey in Arizona and Governor Kemp in Georgia, along with the Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger.

They’re getting louder because it’s obvious at this point that Trump will be sworn in again on January 20.  Everything is going our way, and the Republicans are watching their hopes of a Trump-free presidency slip away.



Biden will concede.  With multiple lawsuits, SCOTUS involvement, and the crimes and foreign collusion with our voting system, Biden and his team of losers know he’s done.  Trump controls the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, belongs to the party that controls most of the state legislatures, and has all the evidence of not only this crime, but crimes over the years.

I think this tweet from the President got everyone’s attention and set things in motion:



Biden will likely try to make a deal.  It won’t matter in the end, but with his sudden fractured ankle that nobody is buying, I’m getting the feeling he wants out.  People everywhere who’ve had that same fracture in that same bone say there’s no way he’s walking around on that.  There’s no reason for them to have put out that fractured foot narrative, other than to begin the path to concession.  What else would they gain from it?

It’s the same vibe I got about Bernie, when people actually thought he was serious about becoming the Democrat nominee.  Nothing was stolen from him because he was in on it and used the entire campaign to negotiate a better exit deal than he had in 2016.  Turns out, that’s exactly what happened.

One point I constantly make is time is on our side, not theirs.  Every day, more fraud and data is exposed, and more of the players involved are outed.  We want this to continue for as long as possible, but Biden and his conspirators can’t withstand it, and they know ultimately that they were caught in a massive sting.

The only way they’d be safe is if Trump were to concede.  At this point, they know that’s not an option, so what are they to do?  Surrender.

The testimonies to the state legislatures are an excellent strategy.  With the audience and people outside, along with the blatant evidence of fraud and foreign influence, the legislatures will be much more comfortable to appoint the electors with the knowledge they have overwhelming support of the people of their state.

The show of support by the people is very important to the legislatures because it removes dependence on the foreign-controlled rigged system, i.e., “I can only hold this seat if I sell out to China so they rig the election in my favor”.  If they stand up for election integrity for their state and country, they are essentially a guarantee for re-election and greater aspirations.

Most of these GOP legislatures are weak cowards, true, but I think when they see the action against the criminals, they’ll quickly realize they have no choice but to act.

Biden is done.


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