Why many in the “nothing’s happening” crowd will turn on Trump

Posted by DC on Sat, 04/25/2020 - 13:45

It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but many of those pushing the “nothing’s happening” narrative the most will be the loudest voices calling Trump a dictator when the prominent criminals are arrested as we head into election season.  These people may have #maga in their profiles, but they don’t really trust the President because they think he’s losing the battle against the deep-state.  This is because these people allow themselves to be manipulated emotionally.

For the past few years, I’ve been arguing with the “nothing’s happening” crowd that Mueller won’t find any collusion, and certainly no obstruction.  I’ve argued that the Ukraine situation will blow back on the Democrats, and that Trump won’t be removed from office.  I’ve made the case the Flynn set these criminals up and will be exonerated.

Time and time again, these people cry that “nothing’s happening” and “the deep-state is winning”, yet after every victory (which we’ve won 100% of the time), they think Trump is losing and getting played.  As we’re continuously slapping high-fives and enjoying our dynastic victories, why do these people drop to their knees and cry that we keep losing while the confetti falls from the ceiling?

A common response I often receive is “what about Tom Fitton?  Is he wrong?”.  I love Tom Fitton, his organization, and he does the Lord’s work.  I’m a huge Tom Fitton fan, but Judicial Watch is a non-profit organization.  They rely on donations.

To entice you to open up your checkbook, you need to be emotionally fired up, and believe that Tom Fitton is hauling the DOJ uphill with Sessions and Barr weighing him down (a meme I’ve actually seen), and if people aren’t brought to justice right now, Trump will lose the election and Hillary will return and the deep-state will enslave us, and we'll live out the rest of our lives in labor camps.

This is silly, of course (about Judicial Watch doing Barr’s work), but the “nothing’s happening” crowd overwhelmingly believe it.  I know this, because I've talked many-a-Trump supporter off the ledge, and even have a few conversions under my belt.  If most people think everything’s hunky-dory and think Barr and Durham are kicking down doors of coup-plotters at 5am, then less people will be fired up enough to open their checkbooks.

I actually like the approach of firing people up emotionally, and being a huge fan of Judicial Watch, I want them to raise as much money as possible.  I have no more of a problem with Judicial Watch targeting people emotionally than I did when Sarah McLachlan was on those animal rescue commercials (which got me to open up the checkbook a time or two).  It works.



You should donate to Judicial Watch regardless, because it’s the right thing to do and they’re an incredible organization.  Hell, they got a federal judge to order Hillary and Cheryl Mills to be deposed by Tom Fitton.   You don’t think that’s worth a few bucks?

With the emotional triggering from the good guys, we also get it from the bad guys.  The media is infested with communists and never-Trump grifters.  Many of the grifters are staying under the radar until we get closer to the election, when they’ll suddenly sprout up like retarded gophers in unison to tell us how Trump is a dictator who’s using the power of the presidency to attack his political opponents.

These people, like Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson, still believe the Russia hoax, and think Trump messed up with Ukraine.  Erickson actually wanted Trump to resign over it!  Never-Trump stalwarts like these two will use their platforms to make you think Trump is going straight Pol Pot and locking up those who look at him cross-eyed.

As sure as I’m typing this, with absolute 100% certainty, the never-Trump clowns will activate their sleepers in the media and a tidal wave of “Trump’s a dictator drunk on power” narratives will flood the internet and airwaves.

This wouldn’t be a problem on its own, but unfortunately, those committed to the “but nothing’s happening” narrative do so because of emotion that’s easily triggered.

I like Hannity, but if I watched him beyond the clips of him interrupting guests I actually want to hear, then I’d think Barr is just walking around in his office playing his bagpipes in his boxers with the door locked.  I’d think Hussein Obama and Soros are huddling up right now, slapping high-fives about how effective the CCP virus lockdowns have been to hurt the economy while drafting Hillary’s new cabinet.

Trump supporters who are easily influenced emotionally will turn on Trump without a second thought.  I’m seeing it right now over the economic shutdowns over the virus.  “I voted for him, but he’ll lose my vote if...”, etc.  If you’re a logical thinker who applies common sense to your political analysis then you're blown away by all the things happening with the war against the deep-state.

Nothing in life is more important for the never-Trump clowns to remove Trump.  Yes, seriously. However, when the arrests begin, I think there will be a major surprise.  Many of the charges will involve not Trump, but spying against Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.  Trump wasn’t the only one running for President.

Remember, Durham is looking into things as far back as 2015.  This not only increases the odds that Brennan and Clapper are first to go down, but it also means the other presidential candidates were victims of crimes by the Obama regime.

U.S. Attorney John Durham is reviewing "three important things" in his inquiry into the origins of the Russia investigation, according to an appraisal by former Rep. Trey Gowdy.

The South Carolina Republican gave his best-guess assessment of the secretive "investigation into the investigators" Sunday on Fox News, where he is a contributor.

"He's looking at three things, the factual predicate for this Russia investigation. And I'm not talking about the summer of 2016. I'm talking about stuff that happened in late 2015 and early 2016," Gowdy told Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo.

"Remember, the DOJ and the FBI told Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes and myself repeatedly and exclusively that nothing happened before June of 2016, no payments were made, no contacts with the Trump campaign," he added, referring back to his time as a lead GOP investigator in Congress. "I'm sure John Durham is looking to see whether or not that's true."

Thankfully, the never-Trump clowns are used to losing, so when they make their move on their initiative to influence the media, it will be difficult for them to make that case when charges include communist Bernie Sanders, who voted to impeach Trump, and Ted Cruz, who although is a strong ally of Trump now, was a fierce competitor during the campaign.

Other Democrat spying victims may include such superstars as Jim Webb (yes, THE Jim Webb!), and Lincoln Chafee of metric-system fame.  Who knows, but the victims of these Obama crimes will certainly not be limited to Republicans or only Trump.

Looking ahead, I think that will be the biggest surprise for everyone.  Trump has made it clear from the beginning that the coup attempt was not about him, but a crime against the United States and the Office, and it should never happen to another candidate or president again.





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