Why a civil war will never happen, and why a third party is a stupid idea

Posted by DC on Fri, 02/19/2021 - 05:10

With many conservatives buying into the illusion of a Creepy administration (which I haven't -- I think we're somehow quietly under military control), the talk of a "civil war" ramps up, as does promotions for a new third party.

Both of these notions are ridiculous for several reasons.  I will offer a logical starting point for "civil war", and a proven solution for a third party.

A civil war won't happen, mainly because Americans are too soft.  I don't mean soft in the way you may be thinking, where we'd rather not get off the couch; I mean those promoting or hoping for a civil war refuse to even cover their own bases.  How so?

Most people on the "civil war" bandwagon continue to associate with family and friends who are anti-American Marxist scum.  They won't even cut off their college-age children, or cut off communication with leftist siblings.  This should be the first step before any "civil war" talk.

If you refuse to disassociate with the enemy in your own lives, how will you partake in a civil war against those outside of your circles?  "Hey everyone, let's purge the country of these Marxists... oh, wait, no, not him... that's my cousin Larry!"

A foundational attribute of Marxism is hypocrisy.  Tax that guy, but not me.  Take his gun, but not mine.  Make him eat bugs, but let me eat steak.  Why would a true conservative engage in the same hypocrisy for the purpose of weakening our resolve?

When I say "the enemy", I don't mean some character you've never seen or met.  I mean YOUR leftist children.  I mean YOUR leftist parents, and YOUR leftist siblings.  Frankly, if you associate and coddle these enemies of our Republic, I mean YOU as well.

Stop giving aid and comfort to the enemy, otherwise, you're one of them.

When I say "your", I also mean "mine".  I have a big family with a leftist sibling and a leftist parent.  I haven't spoken to either in about ten years.  I completely cut them out of my life and will never speak with them again.

Are you willing to do the same?  If not, you are not "civil war" material, and in fact, the problem.

"But my little Brock is just going through a phase like all kids do!".  No, your little pride and joy is a hardcore AntiFa-BLM supporting Marxist because you sent him to government schools to be brainwashed while you thought it was cute, and asked if he brought any laundry home to be washed when he'd visit.

Is your precious little girl who used to draw pictures for you and fall asleep in your arms now coming home with short hair and wearing a Che Guevara shirt, talking about cis-gender this, and binary that?  Is she talking about government health care and minimum wage increases?

In that scenario, what would you do?  Would you try to have an adult discussion with your little pumpkin and explain such concepts as tyranny versus liberty, then give her a kiss on her precious head?  Do you try to impart logic and engage her little brain to find a path to introspection?

After your conversation she hops onto her Macbook, that you purchased for her, to post online about how she hates her white capitalist father.  Here's how the conversation with the daughter should go:

"Pumpkin, daddy loves you very much, but I'm afraid I did a horrible job raising you.  Therefore, I need to push you out of the nest and let you explore the world on your own.  You have forty-eight hours to find a new place to live, leave your phone, car keys, and credit cards.  Also, this will be the last time we speak because I consider you an enemy of our Republic."

Hey, nobody said taking back our country would be easy.

This coddling of Marxist infiltration has been seeping into our culture as far back as I can remember with shows like "All In The Family".  Archie let unemployed meatloaf live under his roof, bang his daughter, eat his food, watch his television, and tell Archie that he's the problem with America.

If I would have been in charge of that show, it would have went 15 minutes into the first episode before Archie threw out meatloaf and his daughter onto the street.

Part of loving your country is asking what can you do for your country.  One thing you can do is not give aid and comfort to the enemy while completely ostracizing them.

We are an overwhelmingly conservative country.  It's why Trump won in an incredible landslide that was so massive it broke the deep-state's election rigging and they had to pull it off in broad daylight.  We are at least an 80-20 pro-American, conservative country, so how would the small Marxist minority react if everyone rejected them?

This is not the same as "cancel culture", or what the Marxist-controlled Big Social companies are doing when they kick us off their platforms.  We're simply refusing to engage with the enemy and cutting them off from our lives, not actively attacking them.

This would be a powerful movement in the vein of a civil war that can be pushed to the edges of civil disobedience.

Are you on Facebook?  Are you using GMail, or search the internet with Google?  Are you still paying Netflix?  You are the problem.  How can you push or promote a civil war against those on whom you depend?  Why should I fight against someone to reclaim your liberty while you give them aid and comfort?

It's easier to complain that nobody is doing anything while you have not laid the groundwork in your own life.  If you're calling for "civil war", yet refuse to even cut off from the enemy in your own life, you're not a serious person.

How could there be a civil war between opposing factions of society when one won't separate from the other?  Worse, the one (conservatives) won't separate from the other that hates them and wants them destroyed.  If you have to be convinced to ostracize a group who wants to destroy you and your way of life, then "civil war" is definitely a non-starter.

Get your own house in order.  Separate yourself from the enemy, even if that means cutting off ones you love, and begin the process of moving away from communist-controlled products and services you currently patron.

Scope out new alternatives.  You can cut off Netflix and stop using Google right now.  Others will take longer, like finding an alternative to your big chain grocery store, but begin the process.

Ultimately, we start cutting off food supplies and power to the cities, and other necessities provided and delivered by us producers, but we can't get there if we don't first purge from within our own circles because we're emotionally attached and dependent, and unwilling ourselves to do what's difficult.

As for a third party, that's a stupid idea, and I wrote an article on this a few years ago.  If you don't know how the Republican Party works, and you don't know where your local precinct is, or that there's thousands of open precinct-committeemen slots, or even know what that is, then please stop talking about a third party because you're ignorant (literally, not pejoratively).

Conceptually and execution-wise, taking over the Republican Party is incredibly simple, only prevented by lack of knowledge.  In that article, there's a few examples and sources of how this strategy has worked at local and state levels.  A summary snippet:

President Trump has been giving some top-down pressure (we have purged a lot of RINOs at the top) but he’s not going to be in office forever.  We must constantly be cycling out the RINO trash from the bottom-up.  Marxists are like cockroaches; when you stomp one out, ten more take its place.  We have to make the party air-tight as possible to mitigate the infestation.

In conclusion, to address the "let's start a third party" crowd, think of this: is it more effective to organize and structure a new party, roll it out to all 50 states, and get people to join?  There are far too many alternate parties, so throwing another one on the heap makes no sense.  The Libertarian Party, for example, has been around for decades and it's only in 39 states.  Does it not make more sense to clean out the GOP party and get others involved, which is something you'd have to do anyway with a third party?

Why not focus on taking our party back and filling vacant precinct committeemen slots?  Again, approximately 200,000 open slots because too many Republicans don't know about it.  Get up to speed and spread the word to keep the Marxists where they belong -- teachers lounges and working at Starbucks.

Starting a third party is a retreat.  It's taking a knee to Lindsey Graham, McConnell, and other anti-American RINOs like Romney.  It's OUR party, and we need to take it back.  Let the Democrats and RINOs splinter.

I'll leave you with a snippet of Andrew Torba's interview on Bannon's show about transhumanism.  If we don't start from within our own lives and circles, we're moving towards this:



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