What's the deal with Bill Gates lately?

Posted by DC on Thu, 04/09/2020 - 20:40

All of a sudden it seems Bill Gates is everywhere after the President put hydroxychloroquine on the global stage and trumped the deep-state vaccine plans.  Gates sprung into a public relations blitz to promote his vaccine endeavors, and the China-controlled American media fell head-over-heels for him.  We’re supposed to listen to someone who couldn’t keep viruses out of Windows, but is a “leader” in keeping viruses out of the human body.  I don’t think so.

Gates is what you would call “a globalist”; he has been for a long while.  He’s a WHO/UN global depopulation type who thinks the world should be on single-payer health care that denies older people health care if they’re sick:



It always amazes me when someone like a Bill Gates is completely clueless.  Here’s another globalist Marxist who thinks the imperial government should make decisions about granny's life:



Honestly, these people disgust me.  Remember, when they talk about policies like this, they’re talking about YOUR mother or loved one, not themselves.

Back to Gates; one example of why I don't trust Gates is because of his deceptive hypocrisy by saying the administration didn’t act fast enough responding to the pandemic, but won’t even mention his precious WHO’s position on January 17, when the President started enforcing screenings on inbound flights.



The President made the right decisions, while Gates’ darling organization said there’s no evidence of human-to-human transmission.  Can you believe that?  The President stopped incoming flights on January 29.  Twelve days later, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

Has Gates criticized the WHO?  An anti-Trump reader would see this and roll his eyes and “yeah, but…” right past it.  However, the organization that receives $500mm of American tax-payer money, and is supposed to be the world's authority on this issue, didn’t think the virus was a big deal, and didn't think it spreads between humans.  Gates’ first tweet (a retweet from the BMG Foundation account) about COVID-19 was about a week after Trump ordered the inbound screening.

The “leading” organization didn’t think this was a problem.  The “leading” voice of pandemics didn’t even mention it until a week after Trump went against all the “expert” voices and started aggressive screening.  Yet, Gates says the Trump administration acted too late.  If you’re going to say that about Trump, Bill, then at least also call out the WHO.  Also, Bill, why weren't you all over the TV screaming about this from the rooftops?

The World Health Organization is the holy grail of globalists.  The WHO ranks the health care of countries, sticking the United States way down the list, while ranking Italy as number 1.  Yes, the same Italy that was denying care for people over 60.

The leftists try to play both sides of the fence, as if we don’t notice.  At first, while Trump was ordering the screening, and then shutdown of inbound flights, he was a xenophobe racist who doesn’t listen to “the experts” like the WHO, because he’s too dumb and doesn’t read and his ego is too big to admit that doctors know more about medicine than he, thereby putting lives in danger.

When the WHO and other “experts” came back around and admitted Trump made the right decisions, the narrative changed to “he acted too late and people are dying because of it”.  This is why COVID-19 has higher popularity than Congress and media.

I don’t trust Gates any farther than I could throw him.    I certainly don’t trust anyone who hangs out with Jeffery Epstein after his 2005 conviction.  Would you hang out with someone like Epstein, especially someone with the degree of his crimes?  Gates did, but we're supposed to take him seriously as a steward of ethics and morality?

Referring back to the video above of Gates talking about death panels, since he’s been one of the richest people in the world, he chose to make global population control a passion.  Again, not for him.  I guarantee he wants to live as long as possible.  He’s talking about others.

There’s an argument the depopulation crowd makes.  They say “we’re not really into killing people (you know, beyond killing babies), but the more healthy people that live (because of vaccines) reduces the need for them to reproduce.”  Putting that debate to the side, their assumption and premise is that we have a global population problem.  We don’t.



These globalists assume everything from a one world government, top-down perspective, where they’re the ones at the top.  They say too many people in the world makes it harder to feed them, and hurts the planet because of "climate change" (the biggest communist hoax on the planet).

A communist country like China can’t feed its people, and have to worry about them rising up and overthrowing the government.  Therefore, from the CCP perspective, there really is a population problem.

A capitalist, free country like the United States, not so much.  We’re fine, and we have plenty of land for growth.  We can feed ourselves, and capitalism manages the production and distribution of goods and services to our consumers.  Being a normal country, we care about reducing pollution and having clean water and air.

Gates' globalist buddies are passionate about reducing the global population.  Guess who said this:

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.

That's not some irrelevant homeless person begging for change on the side of the road and screaming out prophecies; that's Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen of England.  I don't want Gates and his buddies to be leading the charge on vaccines.

To come full circle, it’s all about China.  The WHO is a puppet of China, and anyone with half-a-brain understands you can’t trust China for anything, the CCP specifically.  They are our enemy and have completely compromised our “business leaders” from Bill Gates to Mini-Mike Bloomberg.  They have taken over our politicians, companies, Hollywood, and are lurking in every nook-and-cranny of influence of our country.  President Trump has been bringing them back to Earth, but globalists like Gates continue to resist.

Leftists (yes, they're leftists) drink the blood of young people.  Seriously.  China eats babies.  Seriously.  I wonder what type of products and services China provides to Hollywood and Silicon Valley.  I don't even want to think about it.  These are the people, and the country who's our enemy, with whom Gates is involved.

To answer the question about why Gates is popping up everywhere, he has to continue with the pandemic plan for China.  They provide the virus, and they provide the cure.  Things haven't gone their way, thanks to President Trump, so the pressure falls on Gates to take down the economy and circulate panic and false data.  Thankfully, so far, he's failing.




Young Bill Gates



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