Trump continues to win. Thanks for playing, CCP!

Posted by DC on Tue, 12/15/2020 - 22:04

With the electors swinging to Trump, the masses are quickly realizing the momentum is in our favor, and GEOTUS will have another four years.  This is devastating for the CCP, as their existence depends on Trump not being in office with continued control of our election system.

There's been a steady stream of news regarding CCP infiltration into our critical systems and government, and it's not slowing down.

The latest big story that's breaking is the "hack" of SolarWinds.  Like the Dominion system, it gets technical enough to where it goes over most people's heads, but understand it's a major system that's integrated with critical infrastructure of governments (including ours) and corporations and gives network managers (CCP operatives) control of those infrastructures.  We discovered it was compromised by foreign entities.

It's a really, really big deal.

How crazy will this SolarWinds story become?  SolarWinds ORION (the part that was compromised) interfaces with SENTINEL, the FBI system developed and created by Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister and her company Chilead.  Talk about rabbit holes.

Interesting that the timing of this story, along with the the continued exposure of how the CCP has infiltrated the West, has correlated with other major stories, like the Pentagon planning to end military support to the CIA's counter-terrorism division.  Is it related to this story from today?:



A major CCP-related revelation over the past few days is the "leak" of ~2mm CCP party members embedded in our, and our allies', corporations and government.  They've been controlling us for decades; don't listen to me, they admit it!

We learned that a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee was penetrating a Chinese spy, and we already knew about Dianne Feinstein's Chinese "driver", a spy who was joined at her hip for decades, even while she was Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  She suddenly came down with a case of the dimentias after the Swalwell story broke.

The CCP is embedded deep in the United States with millions of tentacles.  They are also evil.

China eats babies.  They have concentration camps stocked with humans to be used for live organ harvesting.  They took over Hong Kong and are putting people on trains to concentration camps.  They force slaves to pick cotton.

You don't want these monsters in control of policies and laws in the United States, or our allies, like the current takeover of Canada's military.  This is why there's zero chance of President Trump handing our country over to these monsters.



If you haven't figured out the new battleground, it's space and cyber, which is what Space Force is all about.  It's no longer about storming the beaches with teenagers, but instead weaponizing artificial intelligence and controlling commerce, critical infrastructure, and our corporations and government leaders with technology, all from the technological high ground that is space.

We're winning this battle with the CCP, but the major issue I see is it's such an advanced topic that people have a hard time wrapping their brains around it.  I've touched on this from a higher-level last January.

The CCP's entire existence is dependent on a Biden presidency, hence why it seems to me the President is letting this illusion run its course until he drops the hammer.  The CCP must continuously activate sleepers, all of whom will have previously been assumed to be MAGA supporters, but will turn on the President the closer we get to January.

The RINO and never-Trump crowd will go into hyper-drive against President Trump and scream the loudest that "it's over, Biden won".  On that note, to fellow conservatives, stop taking a knee and submitting to the CCP narrative by saying "if" Trump wins.  He already won, and not recognizing the President won in a landslide makes you look ridiculous.  Just because Fox News told you Biden won doesn't make it so.

Ultimately, Biden will be forced to concede, but the CCP will keep pushing him as far as he can go.  Make no mistake, he wants out, but he's the weak link keeping the CCP's hopes alive.

The numbers continue to reveal that Trump won in an incredible landslide, and the electors breaking to Trump yesterday showed you how this movie ends.  Remember, that was NOT supposed to happen.  Trump was supposed to concede on November 4, and certainly not take this thing into deep-waters to January as electors and states break for him.

Enjoy the fall of the CCP, and the more you hear the squealing from the CCP-controlled media, politicians, and your acquaintances, that Biden won and Trump needs to step down, the more desperate, worried, and less confident they are.  This is a good thing, so spread this cheer, and remember, in the end, this entire thing was a military operation.


Military stopping the coup






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